SAXS-enabled Studies of mAbs Improve Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid Protein & Reveal Conformational Plasticity-dependent Potency Changes

companies Host by: logo   time 03/25/2021, 2PM, EST

About the Webinar

Small angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) enables biological systems to be imaged in an aqueous solution, closer to their natural state. It allowed the researchers to visualize the flexibility of antibodies in solution and show how conformational variability of the antigen-binding regions affects antibody pairing. Unexpectedly, the biophysical flexibility of these antibodies correlates with and can modulate their potency. We recently showed how monoclonal antibodies' rigidity leads to increased sensitivity in the detection of nucleocapsid protein from SARS-CoV-2. We employed SAXS and molecular modeling and show how mAb conformational variability affects antibody pairing with SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein. We propose that the pairing of rigid antibodies can expedite the development of sensitive and selective antigen-detecting point-of-care lateral flow assay devices, which are key for the early diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens.

Keynote Speakers

  • Michael Piazza, Ph.D.

    Michal Hammel, Ph.D.
    • Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    • Founder of SAXS Consulting, Inc

    As a scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), I integrate biological small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and X-ray crystallography. To make the technique accessible to more investigators and push SAXS onto a new paradigm, we have been the first to create a high throughput SAXS capability. I predicted an increase in impact from SAXS, which has mostly come true.

  • Soleil Grisé

    Curtis D. Hodge, Ph.D.
    • Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    • Co-Founder & CEO of Nanotein Technologies, Inc.

    By leveraging my experience in cellular biology and cancer immunology, with my expertise in structural biology and biochemistry, I use a cross-disciplinary approach to solve biological problems and innovate new technologies.

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Watch Video

The information and opinions provided by speakers as well as Sino Biological employees during hosted webinar series are solely of their own and Sino Biological assumes no responsibility or liability for this content.

About Sino Biological

Sino Biological specializes in antibody development and recombinant protein production. All of Sino Biological's products are independently developed and produced. Sino Biological offers pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms a variety of recombinant production and assay services for pre-clinical research development work. Sino Biological is dedicated to virology and infectious disease research. Its ProVirTM collection is the world's largest viral antigen bank, carrying over 800 products from 350 strains of viruses. Sino Biological is the first company in the world to produce and supply the SARS-CoV-2 viral protein reagents . To support the development of immunodiagnostic assay, Sino Biological has developed a comprehensive collection of antigens and antibodies for SARS-CoV-2.

About SAXS Consulting

SAXS Consulting is a small scientific service targeting X-ray scattering data acquisition, processing, analysis, and interpretation. SAXS Consulting provides training, consulting, and data analysis that allow Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) technique to operate at optimal efficiency. The consulting team will help you address theoretical and practical concepts for using this technique in conjunction with computational methods. Detailed aspects of SAXS experimental results focus on data interpretation tools suitable to model macromolecular structures.

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