Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Overview

Sino Biological offers cost-effective polyclonal antibody production services, which involve peptide or protein antigen synthesis, rabbit or goat immunization, antibody purification and QC control test. Our polyclonal antibody services can be customized by your needs. For example, you can choose antisera or purified antibodies to deliver; purification methods are also optional, both protein A and antigen affinity purification are provided.

Sino Biological has rich experience in polyclonal antibody generation and guarantees an ELISA titer of 1:64,000. We've designed multiple service packages that can fit into various customer's needs. WB/IHC guaranteed pAb services guarantee positive binding to antigen in ELISA or WB/IHC assay. Fast rabbit pAb service delivers custom polyclonal antibodies from animal immunization to purified antibodies in just 45 days.

Our polyclonal antibody development services are based on a strong foundation that we built over years of process optimization and a strong reputation of being the most reliable antibody production service provider worldwide. We have been a preferred partner for antibody development and production service for multiple top-10 pharmaceutical companies. We have attracted customers and business through word-of-mouth.

Turnaround time: fast VS standard polyclonal antibody development packages

Fast Rabbit pAb Production
    45 days Save you more time!
Rabbit pAb Production
  75 days

Case Studies of Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production in Rabbit

Sino Biological develops a polyclonal antibody from antigen production, rabbit immunization, to antibody purification. This rabbit pAb can be used to detect target antigen in IHC and IF assays; we even validate antibody specificity with Knockout(KO) Hela whole cell lysate.

Breast carcinoma HeLa cells Knockout validation

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