ELISA Assay Development Service

ELISA Kit Development Service Introduction

Sino Biological has advanced R&D technology platform and professional technical team, and has accumulated rich experience on protein expression and purification, antibody development and production, as well as various immunication detection. Sino Biological can provide development and production of ELISA kits for target molecules in blood and other biological samples that involved in scientific research, clinical and diagnostic research, and drug development processes.

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ELISA Kit Development Service Process

Service procedures Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing

Antibody preparation
• Standard Rabbit pAb Production Service
• Standard Mouse mAb Production Service
• Rabbit mAb Production Service
  • ELISA kit
If you need to customize antigen, please fill in the form SB-Protein service inquiry form

Elisa kit development
• Antibody conjugation labeling
• Antibody matched pair screening
• Assay development and optimization
• ELISA kit manufacturing
6-12 weeks
In this ELSIA kit development service, customers can provide their own antibodies.

ELISA Kit Development Service Advantages

  • Abundant resources: 12,000 antibodies covering 2,200 targets; a recombinant protein bank of 6,000 proteins; five protein expression and production platforms including HEK293, CHO, E.coli, Yeast and Insect cell; optimized reagent formulation, enzyme labeling technology and production process; customize related products and carry out kit development according to customers' needs in least time.
  • Professional R&D platform: 500+ ELISA Kits developed in-house; rich experience on custom ELISA Kits for dozens of biopharmaceutical companies.
  • Professional technical support: provides suitable proposal to meet customers' need fastly and efficiently.
  • Quality assurance: sources to get various natural samples; rich testing experience; a comprehensive and accurate methodological validation of ELISA Kits.
  • Convenient and fast: one-stop service with short timelines, high efficiency and time-saving.

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