Antibody Humanization Service (NOT available temporarily)

Antibody Humanization Service Features

The mouse antibody has a strong immune response to humans and can induce a human anti-mouse antibody response (HAMA response), which affects the safety and therapeutic effect of the mouse Mab in clinical application. Mouse antibodies can be genetically modified to obtain a structure similar to that of human antibodies, so as to avoid recognition by the immune system and avoid HAMA. Sino Biological Inc. uses CDR grafting technology and computer-aided structural modeling to humanize mouse Mab and rabbit Mab to ensure humanization >90%. Compared with the original mouse antibody or chimeric antibody, the affinity is substantially unchanged, and techniques such as antibody affinity maturation can be provided to further increase the affinity of the humanized antibody. Learn more about "antibody affinity maturation service".

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Antibody Humanization Service Process

Service procedures Specification Timeline Deliverables

Antibody humanization design
• Antibody sequence analysis
• Antibody 3D structure modeling
• CDR structural analysis
• Humanized mutant design
1-2 weeks • 3 strains of purified humanized antibody with the best affinity, 0.2~0.5mg per strain
• Humanized antibody sequences
• Vectors containing H and L chain, respectively
• CoA

Gene synthesis and codon optimization
  1-2 weeks

Vector construction
• Cloning the HC and LC gene into optimized expression vectors, respectively
• Plasmid sequencing
• Large scale plasmid production
1-2 weeks

Expression & purification
• Transient transfection of HEK293 cells
• Antibody purification
• Analysis by SDS-PAGE and UV
2-3 weeks

Affinity analysis
• ELISA and Octet 1-2 weeks

Case Study of Antibody Humanization Service-Antibody affinity is up to nmol level

Antibody Humanization Service Advantages

  • Optimize humanization design with computer modeling and improve affinity through site-directed mutagenesis
  • 6 days to complete humanization
  • The antibody humanization reached 90%
  • The affinity of multiple antibodies: ~10^-9M

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