Antibody Affinity Maturation Service (NOT available temporarily)

Antibody Affinity Maturation Service Description

To achieve a certain level of therapeutic effect in vivo, the affinity of the antibody needs to reach a certain level. However, in some cases, it may not be easy to screen out antibodies that have both the correct biological function and high antigen-binding affinity. In this case, improving the antigen-binding affinity of existing antibodies may be the best way to introduce antibodies into drug development. In addition, the affinity of an antibody decreased obviously after humanization. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the affinity of humanized antibodies to the pre-humanized level. Affinity maturation is a common strategy to improve antigen-binding affinity of antibodies. Sino Biological Inc. offers antibody affinity maturation service that can improve the affinity of antibodies to a desired level.

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Antibody Affinity Maturation Service Details

Service Specification Timeline Deliverables
Antibody Affinity Maturation Service • Antibody sequence analysis and mutant library design
• Alanine mutation and vector construction
• Antibody screening and affinity measurement
• Construction and screening of random libraries
• Antibody transient expression & purification
• QC analysis
15-21 weeks • 1-3 strains affinity optimized antibodies sequences, 1-2 mg purified antibody for each strain
• COA (Including UV, SDS-PAGE and affinity analysis, etc)

Antibody Affinity Maturation Service Case Studies

The following case is an antibody with enhanced affinity after maturation. The affinity of wild type was 7.23E^-10M. After affinity maturation, the affinity could be up to 2.90E^-10M and 1.38E^-10M respectively.

Antibody Affinity Maturation Service Highlights

  • Rich experience and a number of successful cases
  • Professional antibody database analysis system
  • Structure optimization through computer modeling
  • Random mutagenesis and site-directed mutagenesis techniques
  • Rapid, high-throughput mammalian cell antibody expression and screening technology platform
  • OCTET Affinity, Kinetics, off-rate, ranking

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