Anti-idiotype Antibody Service

Anti-idiotype Antibody Production Service

An anti-idiotype antibody (anti-ID Ab) is able to recognize and bind to the idiotype of another antibody. Sino Biological Inc. has various solutions to problems that you may encounter during the development of anti-idiotype antibodies. We can offer a full range of services - from antigen preparation, anti-idiotypic antibody development to detection method establishment and kit development.
Anti-idiotype antibodies are widely used in therapeutic drugs studies:
• Antibody drug immunogenicity studies
• Vaccine development
• Anti-drug antibodies (ADA) for clinical development
• Antibody drug pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) studies: detecting free, total or bound drug in blood

Types of Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies

  • Non-blocking

    • Not paratope-specific
    • Not inhibitory
    • Detects total drug
    (free, partially bound and fully bound)

  • Antigen-blocking

    • Paratope-specific
    • Inhibitory/Neutralizing
    • Detects free drug

  • Drug-target Complex

    • Drug-target complex specific
    • Not inhibitory
    • Detects bound drug

Anti-idiotype Antibody Production Service Details

Service name Timeline Deliverables Pricing
Anti-idiotype Rabbit pAb Production Service 3-4 months • 0.5mL pre & post immunization serum per rabbit
• Purified antibody
• CoA
Anti-idiotype Mouse mAb Production Service 4-6 months • 5 mL positive hybridoma supernatants
• Hybridoma cell lines
• Purified antibody
• CoA
• Anti-ID pair screening (Optional)
Anti-idiotype Rabbit mAb Production Service 4-6 months • Purified antibody
• Antibody HC and LC sequence
• Vectors containing the HC and LC gene
• CoA
• Anti-ID pair screening (Optional)

Anti-idiotype Antibody Production Service Highlights

  • Rich experience in antigen preparation: antigen expression, full-length antibody and purification service
  • Different kinds of antigens: full-length antibody, F(ab')2
  • Various species: perfect for ELISA kit development
  • A variety of purification methods: Protein A, antibody drug, human IgG, isotype control
  • Multiple immunization strategies: increased titer and higher success rate
  • Proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibody technology: larger library size and higher affinity
  • High-throughput antibody expression and screening technology

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