Transfection protocol of adherent sf9 cells (96-well plate) 

1. Preparation: Cells are seeded in plates at 0.5×106cells/mL and cultured with 5%CO2 at 27℃ for 3-4h before transfection.
2. Preparation of transfection mixture:
(1). Dilute 0.4μg DNA into SIM SF(25μL in total) and homogenize gently.
(2). Dilute 0.75μL Sinofection into SIM SF(25μL in total) and homogenize gently and incubate at room temperature for 5 min.
(3). Mix the DNA and Sinofection at room temperature for 15~20min.
3. Remove the culture medium and add 50μL mixture per well.
4. After 2 hours, remove the transfection mixture and add SIM SF medium with 10%FBS.
5. Gene expression is tested after incubation with 5% CO2 at 27℃ for 48-72h.

Fig. 1 Adherent cells' Transfection

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Appendix: Microscopy comparison of sf9 cells transfected with L2K and Sinofection respectively



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