Approved Symbol Approved Name Synonyms Protein & antibody reagent
IL-8/CXCL8 CXCL8 3-10C, alveolar macrophage chemotactic factor I, AMCF-I, b-ENAP, beta endothelial cell-derived neutrophil activating peptide, GCP1, GCP-1, granulocyte chemotactic protein 1, IL-8, K60, LECT, LUCT, lung giant cell carcinoma-derived chemotactic protein, lymphocyte derived neutrophil activating peptide, LYNAP, MDNCF, MONAP, monocyte-derived neutrophil chemotactic factor, monocyte-derived neutrophil-activating peptide, NAF, NAP1, NAP-1, neutrophil-activating peptide 1, SCYB8, TSG-1, tumor necrosis factor-induced gene 1
IL-10 IL10 CSIF, cytokine synthesis inhibitory factor, IL-10, IL10A, T-cell growth inhibitory factor, TGIF
IL11 IL11 adipogenesis inhibitory factor, AGIF, IL-11, oprelvekin
IL-12 p70/IL12A IL12A CLMF, cytotoxic lymphocyte maturation factor 1, p35, IL-12, subunit p35, IL-12A, IL35 subunit, interleukin 12, p35, interleukin-12 alpha chain, natural killer cell stimulatory factor 1, 35 kD subunit, NF cell stimulatory factor chain 1, NFSK, p35
IL12B IL12B CLMF, CLMF2, cytotoxic lymphocyte maturation factor 2, p40, IL12, subunit p40, IL-12B, interleukin 12, p40, interleukin-12 beta chain, natural killer cell stimulatory factor, 40 kD subunit, natural killer cell stimulatory factor-2, NKSF
IL-13 IL13 allergic rhinitis, ALRH, BHR1, Bronchial hyperresponsiveness-1 (bronchial asthma), IL-13, MGC116786, MGC116788, MGC116789, P600
IL-15 IL15 IL-15, MGC9721
IL-16 IL16 FLJ16806, FLJ42735, HsT19289, IL-16, LCF, lymphocyte chemoattractant factor, prIL-16, prointerleukin 16
IL17 IL17A cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 8, IL-17, IL-17A
IL17B IL17B IL-17B, IL-20, MGC138900, MGC138901, neuronal interleukin-17-related factor, NIRF, ZCYTO7
IL17C IL17C CX2, IL-17C, IL-21, MGC126884, MGC138401
IL-17D/IL17D IL17D FLJ30846, IL-17D, IL-22, IL27, IL-27, interleukin 27
IL17F IL17F IL-17F, ML1, ML-1
IL-18 IL18 IGIF, IL-18, IL1F4, IL-1g, interferon-gamma-inducing factor
IL-19 IL19 IL-10C, IL-19, MDA1, melanoma differentiation associated protein-like protein, NG.1, ZMDA1
IL-1 alpha/IL1A IL1A hematopoietin-1, IL-1A, IL1-ALPHA, IL1F1, preinterleukin 1 alpha, pro-interleukin-1-alpha
IL-1 beta IL1B IL-1B, IL1-BETA, IL1F2
IL1F10 IL1F10 FIL1- theta, FKSG75, IL-1F10, IL-1HY2, IL1-theta, interleukin-1 receptor antagonist FKSG75, MGC11983, MGC119832, MGC119833
IL1RA IL1RN ICIL-1RA, IL1F3, IL1RA, IL-1RN, interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein, intracellular interleukin-1 receptor antagonist, IRAP, MGC10430
IL2 IL2 IL-2, T cell growth factor, TCGF
IL-20 IL20 IL10D, IL-20, ZCYTO10
IL21 IL21 IL-21, Za11
IL22 IL22 IL-10-related T-cell-derived inducible factor, IL-21, IL-22, IL-D110, ILTIF, IL-TIF, MGC79382, MGC79384, TIFa, TIFIL-23, zcyto18
IL-23 P19/IL23A IL23A IL-23, IL-23A, IL23P19, interleukin-six, G-CSF related factor, P19, SGRF
IL24 IL24 C49A, FISP, IL10B, IL-24, IL-4-induced secreted protein, mda-7, melanoma differentiation association protein 7, Mob-5, suppression of tumorigenicity 16 (melanoma differentiation)
IL25 IL25 IL-17E, IL-25
IL-26/IL26 IL26 AK155, IL-26
IL-27 IL27 IL-27, IL27A, IL-27A, IL27p28, MGC71873, p28
IL3 IL3 colony-stimulating factor, multiple, hematopoietic growth factor, IL-3, mast-cell growth factor, MCGF, MGC79398, MGC79399, MULTI-CSF, multilineage-colony-stimulating factor, P-cell stimulating factor
IL31 IL31 IL-31
IL-32 IL32 natural killer cell transcript 4, NK4, TAIF, TAIFb, TAIFd
IL-33 IL33 DKFZp586H0523, DVS27, DVS27-related protein, IL1F11, interleukin-1 family, member 11, NF-HEV, nuclear factor for high endothelial venules
IL-34 IL34 IL-34, MGC34647
IL36 alpha/IL-1F6 IL36A FIL1, FIL1E, IL1(EPSILON), IL-1F6, MGC129552, MGC129553
IL1-F8 IL36B FIL1, FILI-(ETA), IL1-ETA, IL-1F8, IL1H2, IL-1H2, MGC126880, MGC126882
IL36 gamma IL36G IL1E, IL-1F9, IL1H1, IL-1H1, IL-1RP2, interleukin 1-related protein 2, interleukin-1 epsilon, interleukin-1 homolog 1
IL36RN/IL-1F5 IL36RN family of interleukin 1-delta, FIL1, FIL1(DELTA), FIL1D, IL-1 related protein 3, IL-1F5, IL1HY1, IL1L1, IL1RP3, IL36RA, interleukin-1 HY1, interleukin-1 receptor antagonist homolog 1, MGC29840
IL-37 IL37 FIL1, FIL1(ZETA), FIL1Z, IL-1F7, IL-1H4, IL-1RP1, interleukin 1, zeta, interleukin-1 homolog 4, interleukin-1-related protein
IL-4 IL4 B cell growth factor 1, B_cell stimulatory factor 1, BCGF1, BCGF-1, BSF1, IL-4, lymphocyte stimulatory factor 1, MGC79402
IL-5 IL5 B cell differentiation factor I, colony-stimulating factor, eosinophil, EDF, eosinophil differentiation factor, IL-5, interleukin-5, T-cell replacing factor, TRF
IL-6 IL6 BSF2, HGF, HSF, IL-6, interferon, beta 2
IL-7 IL7 IL-7
IL-9 IL9 homolog of mouse T cell and mast cell growth factor 40, HP40, IL-9, P40, p40 cytokine, p40 T-cell and mast cell growth factor, T-cell growth factor p40