ACE2 Protein Overview: Sequence, Structure, Function and Protein Interaction

ACE2 Protein Overview

ACE2 reagents

By EST database searching for sequences showing homology to the zinc metalloprotease angiotensin-I converting enzyme (ACE; 106180) and by screening a human lymphoma cDNA library, Tipnis et al. (2000) cloned a full-length ACE2 cDNA, which they called ACEH, encoding a deduced 805-amino acid protein that shares approximately 40% identity with the N- and C-terminal domains of ACE. ACE2 contains a potential 17-amino acid N-terminal signal peptide and a putative 22-amino acid C-terminal membrane anchor. It has a conserved zinc metalloprotease consensus sequence (HEXXH) and a conserved glutamine residue that is predicted to serve as a third zinc ligand. Northern blot analysis detected high expression of ACE2 in kidney, testis, and heart, and moderate expression in colon, small intestine, and ovary. By quantitative RT-PCR, Harmer et al. (2002) found ACE2 expressed in all 72 human tissues and cells examined except red blood cells. Highest expression was detected in testis, renal and cardiovascular tissues, and in all portions of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the ilium. Central nervous system and lymphoid tissues expressed relatively low ACE2 levels. Itoyama et al. (2005) cloned full-length ACE2 cDNA from human lung and identified different splicing sites and an alternative 5-prime untranslated exon. RT-PCR detected expression of the alternative 5-prime exon in lung, testis, trachea, bronchial epithelial cells, small intestine, and various major organs.

ACE2 protein family

Belongs to the peptidase M2 family.

ACE2 protein name

Recommended name
Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2
peptidyl-dipeptidase A
Alternative name
ACE-related carboxypeptidase Angiotensin-converting enzyme homolog ACEH Metalloprotease MPROT15 Processed angiotensin-converting enzyme 2

ACE2 Protein Sequence

Species Human ACE2 protein
Length 805
Mass (Da) 92463
Sequence Human ACE2 protein sequence
Species Mouse ACE2 protein
Length 805
Mass (Da) 92368
Sequence Mouse ACE2 protein sequence
Species Rat ACE2 protein
Length 805
Mass (Da) 92491
Sequence Rat ACE2 protein sequence

ACE2 Protein Molecular Weight & PI

Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 precursor (EC (ACE-related carboxypeptidase) (Angiotensin-converting enzyme homolog) (ACEH) (Metalloprotease MPROT15) [Contains: Processed angiotensin-converting enzyme 2]Homo sapiens (Human).

The parameters have been computed for the following feature

FT CHAIN 18-805 Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2.

Molecular weight (Da)


Theoretical pI


ACE2 Protein Structure

Crystal structure of NL63 respiratory coronavirus receptor-binding domain complexed with its human receptor
2009-10-20   Released:  2009-12-15
Deposition Author(s)
Wu, K., Li, W., Peng, G., Li, F.
Human coronavirus NL63, Homo sapiens
Expression System
Spodoptera frugiperda
Experimental Data Snapshot
3.3100 Å
R-Value Free
R-Value Work

Human ACE2 protein Secondary structure

ACE2 Protein Interaction

Recombinant ACE2 Protein Feature

ACE2 Protein, Mouse, Recombinant (His Tag)

High Purity
> 95 % as determined by SDS-PAGE
Low Endotoxin
< 1.0 EU per μg of the protein as determined by the LAL method

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