ABCB5 Protein Overview: Sequence, Structure, Function and Protein Interaction

ABCB5 Protein Overview

ABCB5 reagents

By searching a database for homologs of ABCB1 (171050), followed by RT-PCR of RNA from human primary epidermal melanocytes and a malignant melanoma cell line, Frank et al. (2003) cloned ABCB5. The deduced 812-amino acid protein has 5 transmembrane helices flanked by both extracellular and intracellular ATP-binding domains. ABCB5 shares 54% and 56% amino acid identity with ABCB1 and ABCB4 (171060), respectively. RT-PCR detected ABCB5 in melanocytes and melanoma cells, but not in peripheral blood mononuclear cells or nonmelanoma tumor cell lines. Western blot analysis revealed an 89-kD endogenous ABCB5 protein in melanocytes and melanoma cells. Flow cytometry showed ABCB5 expressed on the cell surface of transfected breast cancer cells. By screening a melanoma cDNA library, Chen et al. (2005) cloned 2 ABCB5 splice variants, which they called ABCB5-alpha and -beta. ABCB5-alpha and -beta diverge after exon 6, with ABCB5-alpha including a seventh exon that encodes its 3-prime UTR, and ABCB5-beta including 14 more exons. The 131-amino acid ABCB5-alpha protein has a calculated molecular mass of 15 kD. It has an ABC signature motif and a Walker B consensus sequence, but no Walker A consensus sequence. In contrast, ABCB5-beta has an N-terminal ABC signature motif and Walker B motif, followed by 6 transmembrane domains and C-terminal Walker A, ABC signature, and Walker B motifs. RT-PCR detected preferential expression of both ABCB5-alpha and -beta in melanomas, with no expression in normal uterus, lung, or placenta. Northern blot analysis detected ABCB5 transcripts of 2.4 to 7.5 kb in melanoma cells, but not in any normal human tissues examined. RT-PCR showed expression of ABCB5-alpha and -beta in normal melanocytes and of ABCB5-beta in retinal pigment epithelial cells.

ABCB5 protein family

Belongs to the ABC transporter superfamily. ABCB family. Multidrug resistance exporter (TC 3.A.1.201) subfamily.

ABCB5 protein name

Recommended name
ATP-binding cassette sub-family B member 5
ABCB5alpha, ABCB5beta, ATP-binding cassette protein, EST422562, P-glycoprotein ABCB5
Alternative name
ABCB5 P-gp P-glycoprotein ABCB5

ABCB5 Protein Sequence

Species Human ABCB5 protein
Length 1257
Mass (Da) 138641
Sequence Human ABCB5 protein sequence
Species Mouse ABCB5 protein
Length 1255
Mass (Da) 137397
Sequence Mouse ABCB5 protein sequence
Species Rat ABCB5 protein
Length 1255
Mass (Da) 137416
Sequence Rat ABCB5 protein sequence

ABCB5 Protein Molecular Weight & PI

ATP-binding cassette sub-family B member 5 (ABCB5 P-gp) (P-glycoprotein ABCB5)Homo sapiens (Human)

The parameters have been computed for the following feature

FT CHAIN 1-1257 ATP-binding cassette sub-family B member

Molecular weight (Da)


Theoretical pI


ABCB5 Protein Interaction

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