A/Memphis/1/68 (H3N2)


A/Memphis/1/68 (H3N2) Information

A/Memphis/1/68 was collected in 1968. Here is the general information of A/Memphis/1/68 from IRD.

  • Strain Name A/Memphis/1/68
    Influenza Type Influenza A
    Subtype H3N2
    Host Human
    Isolation Country USA
  • Collection Date 1968
    NCBI Taxon ID 518946
    Isolate (OpenFlu)ID OFL_ISL_8973
    Information source From IRD

Reagents of A/Memphis/1/68 (H3N2)

Part list of Proteins

Cat# Description Expression Host
40101-V08H1 Influenza A H3N2 (A/Memphis/1/68) Hemagglutinin / HA1 Protein (His Tag) HEK293 Cells