Influenza A H6N1

Avian influenza A (H6N1) virus is one of the most common viruses isolated from migrating birds and domestic poultry in many countries. H6N1 spreads across North America, Europe and Asia .The first and only known case of human infection by H6N1 virus in the world was reported in Taiwan in 2013. This led to concern that H6N1 virus may cause a threat to public health. Because humans lack immunity to H6N1 avian influenza A viruses, the emergence of these viruses in humans would probably cause a pandemic.

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  • • H6N1 Hemagglutinin / HA protein

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  • • H6N1 Hemagglutinin / HA antibody

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  • • H6N1 Hemagglutinin / HA cDNA

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