Influenza A H5N6

H5N6 is a low virulent strain and is the primary virus for avian. But in 2014, China, an old male patient was infected with H5N6 presenting with acute respiratory illness, pneumonia, and ended up with death. This H5N6 has originated from reassortment of influenza A (H5N1) clade, variant clade 2.3.4, and influenza A(H6N6) viruses that circulate broadly in duck populations in southern and eastern China. Thus, Influenza H5N6 virus is identified as a cross-species infection virus and can cause severe clinical manifestation in human. In 2015, there are another four cases that caused by H5N6 which lead to three fatal. In 2017, a bird flu strain is confirmed to be H5N6 in Philippines.

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