Side Effects of Immunotherapy

Side Effects of Immunotherapy: Review

Immunotherapy side effects vary depending on the specific treatment. This therapy involves using medication that either activates or suppresses the immune system. Patients undergoing activation immunotherapies typically experience chills, fever and injection site reactions. Common side effects of suppression immunotherapies generally include — but are not limited to — skin irritation, fatigue and infection.

Side effects for cancer immunotherapy

The side effects of immunotherapy for cancer are as diverse as the type of treatments that have been devised (cancer vaccines, cytokines, adoptive cell therapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors and monoclonol antibodies). and many of the side effects are treatable.

Side effects for allergy immunotherapy

In the progress of allergy immunotherapy for different allergy disease (such as allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, Atopic dermatitis), numerous side effects may happen.

Side effects for autoimmune disease immunotherapy

Immunotherapy offer good efficacies, as well as numerous side effects to autoimmune diseases patients. Side effects are different for different treatments, including both antigen specific treatment and antigen non-specific treatment.
Side effects can not be avoided in immunotherapy, what we can do is balancing the safety and efficacies of immunotherapy.