Journal of Immunotherapy

Journal of Immunotherapy: Review

There are some recommended journals of immunotherapy listed below:

Journal of immunotherapy 1: Journal of Immunooncology

Journal of Immunooncology is focused on publishing articles on various areas of immunotherapy like cancer immunotherapy, tumor immunology, immune system, nucleic acid research, immune suppression, immunosurveillance, tumor immunity, cellular immunotherapy, cancer radioimmunotherapy, cancer immunology, cancer immunoediting, immunotherapeutics, immunogenicity and recent research in these areas. The Journal provides an open access platform to publish latest advancements in all aspects related to immune-oncology.

Journal of immunotherapy 2: Journal of Immunobiology

The journal of immunobiology focuses on areas such as Innate Immunity, Adaptive Immunity, Complement Biology, Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Biology, Parasite Immunology, Tumour Immunology, Clinical Immunology, Immunogenetics, Immunotherapy and Immunopathology of infectious, allergic and autoimmune disease. The Journal of Immunobiology accepts all types of articles like research, review, case reports, commentaries, hypotheses, meeting reports and short reports.

Journal of immunotherapy 3: Journal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology

This peer reviewed journal includes clinical and cellular Immunological aspects such as Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus, Cancer Immunology, Tumor Biology, Macrophage Polarization, Transplantation Immunology, Innate Immunology, Adaptive Immunity, Vaccine Development, Signal Transduction, Innate Immunity, Cancer Immunotherapy, Inflammatory Disorders, Medical Immunology, Diagnostic Immunology, HIV Immunology, Allergy Immunology, Immunomodulation, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroinflammatory Diseases, T-cell Immunology etc.

Journal of immunotherapy 4: Immunome Research

Immunome Research is an open access peer reviewed journal, considers articles in the area of innate immunity, acquired immunity, B cell, T cell, lymphatic system associated information, research on Complementary system, immunological reactions including hypersensitivity, comparative immunology, medication in relation to immunological disorders etc. The Journal aims to provide the highest possible standards of publication by scrutinizing the papers through peer-review assisted by the eminent experts from all quarters of the globe.