Cytokines & Growth Factors Antibodies

Sinobiological Inc. provided full range of cytokines and growth factors related antibodies with multiple applications, which are validated with various methods and cell lysates. The specificity is verified using antigen blocking and negative control. The antibodies possess high affinity, sensitivity and stability.

Multiple Applications of Cytokines & Growth Factors Antibodies

ELISA Antibodies

• For multiple model organism (Human, Mouse, Rat, Cynomolgus, Ferret, Canine, Ecoli and more)
• Controlled by High Quality Recombinant Protein
• Being Validated by Cross-Reactivity to test specificity

FCM Antibodies

• Specificity validated with various methods
• High detection sensitivity
• Verified High Stability

Western Bloting (WB) Antibodies

• Binding to recommbinant protein & natural protein
• Validated by various cell lysate & tissue lysate • High sensitivity & specificity

IHC Antibodies

• Validated by multiple tissues and samples
• Specificity validated by antigen blocking
• Strict lot-to-lot control to ensure the excellent reproducibility

ICC Antibodies

• Better affinity and sensitivity
• Validated by multiple cell types, negative controls and antigen blocking
• In-house confocal technology support

IP Antibodies

• Most can be applied in western blot detection
• Validated by multiple cell lines
• Stable quality between batches

Fig. 1 Flow Cytometry analysis of BAFF antibody (10056-R182) reacting on U937 cells

Fig. 2 Western Blot analysis of activin A antibody (101382-T32) reacting on HelaS3, NCI-H1299 and MCF7 cell lysates.

Fig. 3 Immunochemical staining of human β-NGF in human brain with rabbit monoclonal antibody( 11050-RD03).

Fig. 4 Immunofluorescence staining of Human BMP4 in Hela cells with mouse monoclonal antibody(10609-MM02).

Cytokines & Growth Factors Antibodies

Cytokines & growth factors antibodies (gene name in alphabetic order)