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Title PMID Year Authors Journal Molecule name Catalogue
Cryo-EM structures of apo and antagonist-bound human Cav3.1 31766050 2019 Zhao, Y;Huang, G;Wu, Q;Wu, K;Li, R;Lei, J;Pan, X;Yan, N; Nature media M293TI
LIMD1 phase separation contributes to cellular mechanics and durotaxis by regulating focal adhesion dynamics in response to force   2019 Wang, Y;Zhang, C;Shao, S;Liang, L;Sun, Y;Wu, C; bioRxiv media MSF1
Allosteric enhancement of ORP1-mediated cholesterol transport by PI(4,5)P2/PI(3,4)P2 30783101 2019 Dong, J;Du, X;Wang, H;Wang, J;Lu, C;Chen, X;Zhu, Z;Luo, Z;Yu, L;Brown, AJ;Yang, H;Wu, JW; Nat Commun medium SMM 293-TI
TP53INP2 contributes to autophagosome formation by promoting LC3-ATG7 interaction 30767704 2019 You, Z;Xu, Y;Wan, W;Zhou, L;Li, J;Zhou, T;Shi, Y;Liu, W; Autophagy medium SIM SF
Piezo-like Gene Regulates Locomotion in Drosophila Larvae 30726723 2019 Hu, Y;Wang, Z;Liu, T;Zhang, W; Cell Rep medium SIM SF
The Structural Basis for the Binding of Repaglinide to the Pancreatic KATP Channel 31067468 2019 Ding, D;Wang, M;Wu, JX;Kang, Y;Chen, L; Cell Rep   SMM 293-TI
The Antitumor Activity of TCR-Mimic Antibody-Drug Conjugates (TCRm-ADCs) Targeting the Intracellular Wilms Tumor 1 (WT1) Oncoprotein 31408937 2019 Shen, Y;Li, YM;Zhou, JJ;Zhou, Z;Xu, YC;Zhao, WB;Chen, SQ; Int J Mol Sci   M293TIS
Ac25 in Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus was crucial for progeny budded virion production 31444662 2019 Guo, Y;Liang, A;Fu, Y; Biotechnol. Lett.   MSF1
Structural basis of assembly of the human T cell receptor-CD3 complex 31461748 2019 Dong, ;Zheng, L;Lin, J;Zhang, B;Zhu, Y;Li, N;Xie, S;Wang, Y;Gao, N;Huang, Z; Nature   SMM 293T-II
Histone Modifications Regulate Chromatin Compartmentalization by Contributing to a Phase Separation Mechanism 31543422 2019 Wang, L;Gao, Y;Zheng, X;Liu, C;Dong, S;Li, R;Zhang, G;Wei, Y;Qu, H;Li, Y;Allis, CD;Li, G;Li, H;Li, P; Mol. Cell   SMM 293TI
The Protein Phosphatase 1 Complex Is a Direct Target of AKT that Links Insulin Signaling to Hepatic Glycogen Deposition 31553910 2019 Li, Q;Zhao, Q;Zhang, J;Zhou, L;Zhang, W;Chua, B;Chen, Y;Xu, L;Li, P; Cell Rep   SMM 293-TI
Affinity maturation of an antibody for the UV-induced DNA lesions 6,4 pyrimidine-pyrimidones 29749564 2018 Kong, B;Cao, Y;Wu, D;An, L;Ran, F;Lin, Y;Ye, C;Wang, H;Hang, H; Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. medium SMM 293-T1S
CD146 interacts with galectin-3 to mediate endothelial cell migration 29741757 2018 Zhang, Z;Zheng, Y;Wang, H;Zhou, Y;Tai, G; FEBS Lett. medium SMM-293-TI
Cryo-EM Structure of Human Dicer and Its Complexes with a Pre-miRNA Substrate 29856959 2018 Liu, Z;Wang, J;Cheng, H;Ke, X;Sun, L;Zhang, Q;Wang, H; Cell medium SMM 293-TI
Cryo-EM structure of the polycystic kidney disease-like channel PKD2L1 29567962 2018 Su, Q;Hu, F;Liu, Y;Ge, X;Mei, C;Yu, S;Shen, A;Zhou, Q;Yan, C;Lei, J;Zhang, Y;Liu, X;Wang, T; Nat Commun medium SMM 293T-I
Crystal structures of the extracellular domains of the CrRLK1L receptor-like kinases ANXUR1 and ANXUR2 29388293 2018 Du, S;Qu, LJ;Xiao, J; Protein Sci. medium SIM HF
Crystallization and Structural Determination of the Human Glucose Transporters GLUT1 and GLUT3 29218514 2018 Deng, D;Yan, N; Methods Mol. Biol. medium SIM HF
Ligand binding and conformational changes of SUR1 subunit in pancreatic ATP-sensitive potassium channels 29594720 2018 Wu, JX;Ding, D;Wang, M;Kang, Y;Zeng, X;Chen, L; Protein Cell medium SMM-293TI
Structure and evolution of the Fam20 kinases 29572475 2018 Zhang, H;Zhu, Q;Cui, J;Wang, Y;Chen, MJ;Guo, X;Tagliabracci, VS;Dixon, JE;Xiao, J; Nat Commun medium SIM SF
Structure and evolution of the Fam20 kinases 29572475 2018 Zhang, H;Zhu, Q;Cui, J;Wang, Y;Chen, MJ;Guo, X;Tagliabracci, VS;Dixon, JE;Xiao, J; Nat Commun medium SIM HF
Structure of the human PKD1/PKD2 complex   2018 Su, Q;Hu, F;Ge, X;Lei, J;Yu, S;Wang, T;Zhou, Q;Mei, C;Shi, Y; Science medium SMM 293T-I
Structure of the intact 14-subunit human cytochrome c oxidase 30030519 2018 Zong, S;Wu, M;Gu, J;Liu, T;Guo, R;Yang, M; Cell Res. medium SMM 293-TI
Structure of the human voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.4 in complex with β1 30190309 2018 Pan, X;Li, Z;Zhou, Q;Shen, H;Wu, K;Huang, X;Chen, J;Zhang, J;Zhu, X;Lei, J;Xiong, W;Gong, H;Xiao, B;Yan, N; Science medium SMM 293T-I
An OB-fold complex controls the repair pathways for DNA double-strand breaks 30254264 2018 Gao, S;Feng, S;Ning, S;Liu, J;Zhao, H;Xu, Y;Shang, J;Li, K;Li, Q;Guo, R;Xu, D; Nat Commun medium SMM 293-TI
Structure of the human plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase 1 in complex with its obligatory subunit neuroplastin 30190470 2018 Gong, D;Chi, X;Ren, K;Huang, G;Zhou, G;Yan, N;Lei, J;Zhou, Q; Nat Commun medium SMM 293T-I
Human SEIPIN Binds Anionic Phospholipids 30293840 2018 Yan, R;Qian, H;Lukmantara, I;Gao, M;Du, X;Yan, N;Yang, H; Dev. Cell medium M293TI
High cell density fed-batch production of insecticidal recombinant ribotoxin hirsutellin A from Pichia pastoris 30342541 2018 Li, H;Xia, Y; Microb. Cell Fact. medium MSF1
Targeting IFNα to tumor by anti-PD-L1 creates feedforward antitumor responses to overcome checkpoint blockade resistance 30389912 2018 Liang, Y;Tang, H;Guo, J;Qiu, X;Yang, Z;Ren, Z;Sun, Z;Bian, Y;Xu, L;Xu, H;Shen, J;Han, Y;Dong, H;Peng, H;Fu, YX; Nat Commun medium M293TI
Ac34 protein of AcMNPV promoted progeny virus production and induced the apoptosis in host Sf9 cells 30421092 2018 Zhang, B;Liang, A;Fu, Y; Biotechnol Lett medium MSF1
The Improvement and Application of Lentivirus-Mediated Gene Transfer and Expression System in Penaeid Shrimp Cells 30542951 2018 Chen, X;Chen, Y;Shen, X;Zuo, J;Guo, H; Mar. Biotechnol. medium MSF1
Function and Application Analysis of Ac132 Protein in Autographa californica Multiple Nucleopolyhedrovirus   2018 Peng, Y;Liang, A;Fu, Y; Biotechnol Bioproc E medium MSF1
An Atomic Structure of the Human Spliceosome 28502770 2017 Zhang, X;Yan, C;Hang, J;Finci, LI;Lei, J;Shi, Y; Cell medium M293TI
Centrosomal MCM7 strengthens the Cep68-VHL interaction and excessive MCM7 leads to centrosome splitting resulting from increase in Cep68 ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation 28578000 2017 Kong, L;Yin, H;Yuan, L; Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. medium STF01
Structure of a eukaryotic voltage-gated sodium channel at near-atomic resolution 28183995 2017 Shen, H;Zhou, Q;Pan, X;Li, Z;Wu, J;Yan, N; Science medium M293TI
Two dopamine D2-like receptor genes from the silkworm (Bombyx mori) and their evolutionary history in metazoan 28754962 2017 Chen, P;Chen, P;Li, T;Shen, Q;Yan, DF;Zhang, L;Chen, X;Li, Y;Zhao, W; Sci Rep medium Opti-MEM I
Human microvascular endothelial cell promotes the development of dorsal root ganglion neurons via BDNF pathway in a co-culture system 28394221 2017 Yuan, Q;Sun, L;Yu, H;An, C; Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. medium MGAI
4.4 Å Resolution Cryo-EM structure of human mTOR Complex 1   2016 Yang, H;Wang, J;Liu, M;Chen, X;Huang, M;Tan, D;Dong, MQ;Wong, CC;Wang, J;Xu, Y;Wang, HW; Protein Cell medium M293TI
Blood vessel endothelium-directed tumor cell streaming in breast tumors requires the HGF/C-Met signaling pathway 27893712 2016 Leung, E;Xue, A;Wang, Y;Rougerie, P;Sharma, VP;Eddy, R;Cox, D;Condeelis, J; Oncogene medium MSF1
Functional characterization of human equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1   2016 Huang, W;Zeng, X;Shi, Y;Liu, M; Protein Cell medium M293TI
HTLV-1 Tax Functions as a Ubiquitin E3 Ligase for Direct IKK Activation via Synthesis of Mixed-Linkage Polyubiquitin Chains   2016 Wang, C;Long, W;Peng, C;Hu, L;Zhang, Q;Wu, A;Zhang, X;Duan, X;Wong, CC;Tanaka, Y;Xia, Z; PLoS Pathog. medium M293TI
Molecular basis for CPAP-tubulin interaction in controlling centriolar and ciliary length 27306797 2016 Zheng, X;Ramani, A;Soni, K;Gottardo, M;Zheng, S;Ming Gooi, L;Li, W;Feng, S;Mariappan, A;Wason, A;Widlund, P;Pozniakovsky, A;Poser, I;Deng, H;Ou, G;Riparbelli, M;Giuliano, C;Hyman, AA;Sattler, M;Gopalakrishnan, J;Li, H; Nat Commun medium M293TI
Structural basis of N6-adenosine methylation by the METTL3–METTL14 complex 28099411 2016 Wang, X;Feng, J;Xue, Y;Guan, Z;Zhang, D;Liu, Z; Nature medium MHF1
Crystal structure of the human glucose transporter GLUT1   2014 Deng, D;Xu, C;Sun, P;Wu, J;Yan, C;Hu, M;Yan, N; Nature medium SIM HF
Three-dimensional structure of human γ-secretase   2014 Peilong Lu#1,3, Xiao-chen Bai#4, Dan Ma#1,3, Tian Xie1,3, Chuangye Yan2,3, Linfeng Sun1,3,Guanghui Yang2,3, Yanyu Zhao1,3, Rui Zhou1,3, Sjors H.W. Scheres 4, and Yigong Shi1,3 Nature medium SMM 293T-I