Drug targets for Cancer: STAT3

Drug Targets for Cancer: STAT3 and Cancer

A novel transgenic mouse model of invasive bladder cancer was created by targeting an active dimerized form of Stat3 to the basal cells of bladder epithelium. When exposed to the carcinogen nitrosamine, Stat3-transgenic mice developed invasive cancer directly from carcinoma in situ (CIS), bypassing the noninvasive papillary tumor stage. Remarkably, invasive bladder cancer driven by active Stat3 was predominantly composed of stem cells, which were characterized by cytokeratin 14 (CK14) staining and enhanced tumor sphere-forming ability. Active Stat3 was also shown to localize to the nucleus of human invasive bladder cancers that were primarily composed of CK14+ stem cells. Together, The findings show that Stat3-induced stem cell expansion plays a critical role in the unique clinical progression of invasive bladder cancer through the CIS pathway.

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Ho P L, et al. Stat3 activation in urothelial stem cells leads to direct progression to invasive bladder cancer[J]. Cancer research, 2012, 72(13): 3135-3142.

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