Drug targets for Cancer: S100A4

Drug Targets for Cancer: S100A4 and Cancer

Metastasis-inducing gene S100A4, which we identified as transcriptional target of β-catenin, increased migration and invasion in vitro and metastasis in mice. In patient colorectal cancer samples, high S100A4 levels predict metastasis and reduced patient survival. Some results link pathways important for tumor progression and metastasis: the Wnt signaling pathway and S100A4, which regulates motility and invasiveness. S100A4 suppression by interdicting Wnt signaling has potential for therapeutic intervention.

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Dahlmann M, et al. S100A4 in Cancer Metastasis: Wnt Signaling-Driven Interventions for Metastasis Restriction. van Amerongen R, Birchmeier W, eds. Cancers. 2016;8(6):59.

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