Drug Target for Cancer: PIM1

Drug Targets for Cancer: PIM1 and Cancer

Increasing evidence has shown that Pim-1 would be a novel and essential drug target in numerous types of cancer, in particular prostate cancer. Pim-1 transcription is regulated by interleukins (ILs), which implicates that Pim-1 can be a potential target for immunotherapy. Our previous study showed that IL-6 can induce Pim-1L and Pim-1S expression. Treatment with neutralized IL-6 antibody, results in the decrease of Pim-1L and Pim-1S expression in prostate cancer cells. This suggests that targeting Pim-1 has a great potential in immunotherapy. Directly targeting Pim-1 using a specific monoclonal antibody to Pim-1 has been tested in preclinical studies. Treatment with the specific antibody to Pim-1 (mAb P9) in SCID mice inoculated with DU145 cells subcutaneously decreased the tumor growth. Additionally, the growth rate of tumors generated from C57BL/6 mice inoculated with TRAMP-C1 cells also was decreased by this antibody.

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TURSYNBAY Y, et al. Pim-1 kinase as cancer drug target: An update. Biomedical Reports. 2016;4(2):140-146.

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