Drug Target for Cancer: NTRK3

Drug Targets for Cancer: NTRK3 and Cancer

NTRK3 is a neurotrophin receptor and appears to be a dependence receptor in certain tissues. NTRK3 has been previously shown to be an oncogene in breast cancer and possibly hepatocellular carcinoma. Through a genome-wide methylation screen, we unexpectedly found that NTRK3 is commonly methylated in colorectal cancers but not in normal colon samples, which led us to assess whether NTRK3 could be a tumor suppressor gene in the colon. We now demonstrate that NTRK3 is frequently methylated in colorectal adenomas and cancers. Induced NTRK3 expression in the absence of its ligand, NT-3, causes apoptosis and suppresses in vitro anchorage-independent colony formation and in vivo tumor growth. Reintroduction of NT-3 releases colon cancer cells from NTRK3-mediated apoptosis, which is consistent with NTRK3 being a dependence receptor in the colon. Finally, somatic mutations of NTRK3 have been observed in primary human colorectal cancer.

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Luo Y, Kaz AM, Kanngurn S, et al. NTRK3 Is a Potential Tumor Suppressor Gene Commonly Inactivated by Epigenetic Mechanisms in Colorectal Cancer. Scott HS, ed. PLoS Genetics. 2013;9(7):e1003552.

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