Drug targets for Cancer: MMP-11

Drug Targets for Cancer: MMP-11 and Cancer

Recently, It has been shown that MMP11 may represent an ideal self-antigen for immunotherapy. It is differentially expressed in tumor versus normal tissue, although it is unclear if it is expressed in cancer cells or in the supporting stroma. A genetic vaccine against MMP11 based on DNA electro-gene-transfer technology was able to break immune tolerance and exert antitumor effects in a chemically-induced colon adenocarcinoma mouse model. A strong interferon-γ/cytotoxic cell-mediated and antibody response was elicited by this vaccine. Levels of MMP11 expression may be used to identify patients at greatest risk for cancer recurrence, in breast carcinoma, pancreatic tumors and colon cancer. Furthermore, the prognostic significance of MMP11 expression was further confirmed for breast cancer and shown for prostate cancer. MMP11 is processed intracellularly and secreted as an active form. MMP11 thus differs from other MMPs that are expressed as proenzymes and processed to active forms through proteolytic cleavage activated extracellularly, indicating that MMP11 may have a unique role in tumor development and progression.

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Roscilli G, et al. Circulating MMP11 and specific antibody immune response in breast and prostate cancer patients[J]. Journal of translational medicine, 2014, 12(1): 54.

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