Drug targets for Cancer: CD48

Drug Targets for Cancer: CD48 and Cancer

CD48 was previously identified as broadly expressed on differentiated hematopoietic cells, but excluded from quiescent long-term HSCs (LT-HSCs).CD48 is a GPI-linked member of the signaling lymphocyte activation molecule (SLAM) family of proteins. It can act as a ligand for SLAM member CD244 and, depending on the context, either inhibits or stimulates IFNγ production from the target cell. IFNγ has previously been shown it to be a suppressor of hematopoiesis and at high levels it may lead to BM failure. However, IFNγ has also been shown to stimulate progenitor cell proliferation. Recently, work from our laboratory has shown a lack of IFNγ in vivo leads to a less proliferative HSC, whereas increasing IFNγ increases HSC proliferation.

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Boles NC, Lin KK, Lukov GL, Bowman TV, Baldridge MT, Goodell MA. CD48 on hematopoietic progenitors regulates stem cells and suppresses tumor formation. Blood. 2011;118(1):80-87.

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