Drug Target for Cancer: CD27

Drug Targets for Cancer: CD27 and Cancer

CD27, a member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor family, is expressed on most peripheral blood T cells. Upon T-cell activation, CD27 expression is strongly enhanced. Ligation of CD27 by anti-CD27 monoclonal antibody provides a costimulatory signal to T cells and promotes T-cell proliferation and activation. It has been reported that anti-CD27 antibody can mediate antitumor efficacy. We postulated that dendritic cell–based vaccine and anti-CD27 antibody may act as therapeutically synergistic partners against prostate cancer. The reason is as follows. Dendritic cell–based vaccine activates T cells by presenting tumor antigen to T cells. Activated T cells up-regulate CD27 expression. Subsequent addition of anti-CD27 antibody further enhances T-cell proliferation and activation via ligation of CD27 on T cells, thereby potentiating antitumor efficacy.

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Wei S-M, Fei J-X, Tao F, et al. Anti-CD27 Antibody Potentiates Antitumor Effect of Dendritic Cell–Based Vaccine in Prostate Cancer–Bearing Mice. International Surgery. 2015;100(1):155-163. doi:10.9738/INTSURG-D-14-00147.1.

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