Drug targets for Cancer: CD22

Drug Targets for Cancer: CD22 and Cancer

B-cell lines, thereby augmenting BCR signaling. CD22 shows a B-cell specific expression from the pre-B to mature B-cell stage but is downregulated on plasma cells. Therefore, it is an attractive target for B-cell targeted immunotherapy and is already used in clinical studies to treat B-cell lymphomas and systemic autoimmune diseases. Several therapeutics based on anti-CD22 antibodies have been developed. Epratuzumab is in phase I/II clinical trials for non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) treatment.

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Schweizer A, et al. Targeting of CD22‐positive B‐cell lymphoma cells by synthetic divalent sialic acid analogues[J]. European journal of immunology, 2012, 42(10): 2792-2802.

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