Drug targets for Cancer: CD200R

Drug Targets for Cancer: CD200R and Cancer

An immune inhibitory ligand/receptor pair that maintains immune quiescence in the CNS is CD200/CD200R. CD200 (OX2) is a highly expressed membrane glycoprotein with a broad tissue distribution. In the CNS, CD200 is expressed predominantly by neurons, down-modulating the activation state of perivascular macrophages and microglia through CD200R. Mice express multiple CD200R isoforms that exhibit tissue-restricted expression and heterogeneity of function. Recent studies have reported the expression of CD200R1 on microglia, macrophages, dendritic cells and a subpopulation of T cells. Ligation with its ligand, CD200, negatively regulates immune responses through multiple mechanisms including the activation of CD200R on MDSCs promoting tumorigenesis.

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Moertel CL, Xia J, LaRue R, et al. CD200 in CNS tumor-induced immunosuppression: the role for CD200 pathway blockade in targeted immunotherapy. Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer. 2014;2:46.

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