Drug Target for Cancer: Aurora A

Drug Targets for Cancer: Aurora A and Cancer

Mammalian Aurora family of serine/threonine kinases are master regulators of mitotic progression and are frequently overexpressed in human cancers. Among the three members of the Aurora kinase family (Aurora-A, -B, and -C), Aurora Aand Aurora-B are expressed at detectable levels in somatic cells undergoing mitotic cell division. Aberrant Aurora Akinase activity has been implicated in oncogenic transformation through the development of chromosomal instability and tumor cell heterogeneity. Recent studies also reveal a novel non-mitotic role of Aurora Aactivity in promoting tumor progression through activation of epithelial–mesenchymal transition reprograming resulting in the genesis of tumor-initiating cells. Therefore, Aurora Akinase represents an attractive target for cancer therapeutics, and the development of small molecule inhibitors of Aurora A oncogenic activity may improve the clinical outcomes of cancer patients.

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D'Assoro A B, Haddad T, Galanis E. Aurora-A kinase as a promising therapeutic target in cancer[J]. Frontiers in oncology, 2015, 5.

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