SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) Methyltransferase / ME-his Recombinant Protein

COVID-19 Methyltransferase Research.

SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) Methyltransferase / ME-his Recombinant Protein: Product Information

> 85 % as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Please contact us for more information.
Testing in progress
Protein Construction
A DNA sequence encoding the SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) Methyltransferase / ME (YP_009724389.1) (Ser6799-Asn7096) was expressed with a polyhistidine tag at the C-terminus.
Expressed Host
E. coli
Predicted N Terminal
Molecule Mass
The recombinant SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) Methyltransferase / ME consists of 299 amino acids and predicts a molecular mass of 33.46 kDa.
Supplied as sterile 10mM Tris 250mM NaCl, 50% Glycerol pH 7.4.
Please contact us for any concerns or special requirements.
Please refer to the specific buffer information in the hard copy of CoA.
Liquid. It is shipped out with blue ice.
Stability & Storage
Samples are stable for up to twelve months from date of receipt at -20℃ to -80℃
Store it under sterile conditions at -20℃ to -80℃. It is recommended that the protein be aliquoted for optimal storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
A hardcopy of COA with reconstitution instruction is sent along with the products. Please refer to it for detailed information.

SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) Methyltransferase / ME-his Recombinant Protein: Images

Coronavirus Methyltransferase/MTase Background Information

Coronavirus encodes the 2’-O-MTase (2'O Methyltransferase) that is composed of the catalytic subunit nsp16 and the stimulatory subunit nsp10 and plays an important role in virus genome replication and evasion from innate immunity during viral infection. Nonstructural protein 16 (NSP16) / viral 2'O-methyltransferase (2'O-MTase) is highly conserved. The conserved 2'O-MTase activity is important for CoV pathogenesis and NSP16 is a conserved universal target for rapid live attenuated vaccine design in an expanding Coronavirus outbreak setting, such as COVID-19. Targeting the 2'O-methylation pathway on SARS-CoV replication and pathogenesis can be the treatment options for vaccine and anti-viral drug development which can against SARS-CoV-2,SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or other RNA and DNA viruses.
  • Wang Y, et al., Coronavirus nsp10/nsp16 Methyltransferase Can Be Targeted by nsp10-Derived Peptide In Vitro and In Vivo To Reduce Replication and Pathogenesis.J Virol. 2015
  • Yu Chen, et al., Biochemical and Structural Insights into the Mechanisms of SARS Coronavirus RNA Ribose 2′-O-Methylation by nsp16/nsp10 Protein Complex.PLOS Pathogens.2011
  • Mickaël Bouvet, et al.,Coronavirus Nsp10: a Critical Co-Factor for Activation of Multiple Replicative Enzymes.JBC.2014
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