Receptors Related to Cell Activation

Cell activation including T cells, dendritic cells, B cells, granulocytes and NK cells, is an important process in innate and adaptive immune system. Receptors on the surface of these cells help complete whole cell activation process. For example, T cells scan the intracellular environment in order to target and destroy infected cells. Small peptide fragments, representing the entire cellular content, are transported to the cell surface as pMHCs, allowing T cell surface expressed antigen specific TCRs to scan for foreign signals. T cell receptor (TCR) binding to antigen-loaded MHC, both helper T cells and cytotoxic T cells require a number of secondary signals to become activated and respond to the threat.

In B cell activation, the receptor on the surface of B cell is called B cell antigen receptor (BCR). First of all, like the T cell receptor (TCR), B cell receptor (BCR) transmits signals directly to the cell's interior when it binds antigen. Then, the B cell receptor delivers the antigen to intracellular sites where it is degraded and returned to the B cell surface as peptides bound to MHC class II molecules. B cell proliferates and its progeny differentiates into antibody-secreting cells.

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Receptors Related to Cell Activation Expressed on T Cells


Receptors Related to Cell Activation Expressed on Dendritic Cells

CD40/TNFRSF5 CD213a1/IL13RA1 CD282/TLR2
CD283/TLR3 CD284/TLR4  

Receptors Related to Cell Activation Expressed on B Cells


Receptors Related to Cell Activation Expressed on Granulocytes

CD16b/Fc gamma RIIIB CD183/CXCR3 CD261/DR4

Receptors Related to Cell Activation Expressed on NK Cells

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