Title Year Authors Journal Molecule Catalogue category Application
Inhibition of herpes simplex virus infection by oligomeric stilbenoids through ROS generation 2012 Chen, X;Qiao, H;Liu, T;Yang, Z;Xu, L;Xu, Y;Ge, HM;Tan, RX;Li, E; Antiviral Res. TBNFA 10602-HNAE protein cell-based
Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus-encoded microRNA miR-K12-11 attenuates transforming growth factor beta signaling through suppression of SMAD5 2012 Liu, Y;Sun, R;Lin, X;Liang, D;Deng, Q;Lan, K; J. Virol. TBR2   gene   
Gla-domainless factor Xa: molecular bait to bypass a blocked tenase complex 2012 Marlu, R;Polack, B; Haematologica TFPI 10564-H08H protein enzyme (inhibition)
Sharpin contributes to TNFα dependent NFκB activation and anti-apoptotic signalling in hepatocytes 2012 Sieber, S;Lange, N;Kollmorgen, G;Erhardt, A;Quaas, A;Gontarewicz, A;Sass, G;Tiegs, G;Kreienkamp, HJ; PLoS ONE TNFa 50349-MNAE protein cell-based (induction)
Production of bioactive, SUMO-modified, and native-like TNF-α of the rhesus monkey, Macaca mulatta, in Escherichia coli 2012 Jia, D;Yang, H;Wan, L;Cheng, J;Lu, X; Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. TNFa 10602-HNAE protein Cytotoxicity assay
Anti-inflammatory flavonoids from Cryptocarya chingii 2012 R Feng, ZK Guo, CM Yan, EG Li, RX Tan, HM Ge Phytochemistry TNFa   protein WB
Bovine polyclonal antibody specific for human tnf 2012 BS Fox, EF Bostwick, DE Tracey… US 20130058943 A1 TNFa   protein   
Adenovirus-mediated TRAIL expression and downregulation of Bcl-2 expression suppresses non-small cell lung cancer growth in vitro and in vivo 2012 Zhang, H;Sui, A;Wang, Z;Liu, S;Yao, R; Int. J. Mol. Med. TRAIL   gene gene expression
Low molecular weight, non-peptidic agonists of TrkA receptor with NGF-mimetic activity 2012 Scarpi, D;Cirelli, D;Matrone, C;Castronovo, G; Cell Death Dis. TrkA   protein binding
Ocular pharmacokinetics of bevacizumab in vitrectomized eyes with silicone oil tamponade 2012 Xu, Y;You, Y;Du, W;Zhao, C;Li, J;Mao, J;Chen, H;Cheng, L; Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. VEGFA   protein ELISA
Targeting extracellular domains D4 and D7 of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 reveals allosteric receptor regulatory sites 2012 Hyde, CA;Giese, A;Stuttfeld, E;Abram Saliba, J;Villemagne, D;Schleier, T;Binz, HK;Ballmer-Hofer, K; Mol. Cell. Biol. VEGFR2   protein binding
DIDS prevents ischemic membrane degradation in cultured hippocampal neurons by inhibiting matrix metalloproteinase release 2012 Pamenter, ME;Ryu, J;Hua, ST;Perkins, GA;Mendiola, VL;Gu, XQ;Ellisman, MH;Haddad, GG; PLoS ONE vWF   ELISA kit ELISA
A multivariate approach for the determination of isoelectric point of human carbonic anhydrase isoforms by capillary isoelectric focusing 2011 Lecoeur, M;Goossens, JF;Vaccher, C;Bonte, JP;Foulon, C; Electrophoresis CA9   protein   
BISPECIFIC EGFRvIII ANTIBODY ENGAGING MOLECULES 2011 DD Bigner, CT Kuan, JH Sampson… US 20120189630 A1 CD3    protein   
Specific detection of antibodies to different flaviviruses using a new immune complex ELISA 2011 H Schmitz, M Gabriel, P Emmerich Medical microbiology and immunology CD32   protein Immune complex (IC) ELISAs
Novel modulators and methods of use 2011 A Bankovich, O Foord, J Hampl… US 20130058947 A1 CD324   protein ELISA
CD324      animal immunization
CD83-stimulated monocytes suppress T-cell immune responses through production of prostaglandin E2 2011 Chen, L;Zhu, Y;Zhang, G;Gao, C;Zhong, W;Zhang, X; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. CD83   protein cell-based (stmulation)
Tumour exosomes inhibit binding of tumour-reactive antibodies to tumour cells and reduce ADCC 2011 Battke, C;Ruiss, R;Welsch, U;Wimberger, P;Lang, S;Jochum, S;Zeidler, R; Cancer Immunol. Immunother. ERBB2 SEKA10004 ELISA kit Antibodies and ELISA assays
Expression of recombinant multi-coloured fluorescent antibodies in gor -/trxB- E. coli cytoplasm 2011 Markiv, A;Beatson, R;Burchell, J;Durvasula, RV;Kang, AS; BMC Biotechnol. ERBB2 10004-H08H protein SPR
Impact of methionine oxidation in human IgG1 Fc on serum half-life of monoclonal antibodies 2011 Wang, W;Vlasak, J;Li, Y;Pristatsky, P;Fang, Y;Pittman, T;Roman, J;Wang, Y;Prueksaritanont, T;Ionescu, R; Mol. Immunol. ERBB2   protein SPR
Module based antibody engineering: a novel synthetic REDantibody 2011 Markiv, A;Anani, B;Durvasula, RV;Kang, AS; J. Immunol. Methods ERBB2   protein SPR
Fluorescent fusion polypeptides and methods of use 2011 RV Durvasula, AS Kang, A Markiv US 20110268661 A1 ERBB2   protein   
Size and conformational features of ErbB2 and ErbB3 receptors: a TEM and DLS comparative study 2011 E Vicente-Alique, R Núñez-Ramírez, JF Vega… Eur Biophys J  ErbB2   protein to built the crystallographic structures of ErbB2 and ErbB3
Enhanced potency of a fucose-free monoclonal antibody being developed as an Ebola virus immunoprotectant 2011 Zeitlin, L;Pettitt, J;Scully, C;Bohorova, N;Kim, D;Pauly, M;Hiatt, A;Ngo, L;Steinkellner, H;Whaley, KJ;Olinger, GG; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. FcγRI   protein   
FcγRIII    protein   
Progranulin Function in Spinal Cord Injury and Neuroinflammation 2011 SB Naphade Thesis GRN   protein Elastase digestion of GRN
Antigenic stability of H1N1 pandemic vaccines correlates with vaccine strain 2011 Farnsworth, A;Cyr, TD;Li, C;Wang, J;Li, X; Vaccine HA 11055-RP03 antibody WB
Intranasal immunization with recombinant HA and mast cell activator C48/80 elicits protective immunity against 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza in mice 2011 Meng, S;Liu, Z;Xu, L;Li, L;Mei, S;Bao, L;Deng, W;Li, L;Lei, R;Xie, L;Qin, C;Zhang, L; PLoS ONE HA   protein splenocytes stimulation
Development and characterization of chitosan coated poly-(ɛ-caprolactone) nanoparticulate system for effective immunization against influenza 2011 Gupta, NK;Tomar, P;Sharma, V;Dixit, VK; Vaccine HA   protein the production of surface coated poly-( -caprolactone) (PCL) nanoparticles with chitosan (CS) 
Antiviral potential of exogenous human omega interferon to inhibit pandemic 2009 A (H1N1) influenza virus 2011 Xu, C;Song, X;Fu, L;Dong, D;Wu, S;Li, G;Yi, S;Yu, T;Yu, R;Hou, L;Chen, W; Viral Immunol. HA   antibody Immunostaining of pandemic 2009 A (H1N1)
Infectivity of Pseudotyped Particles Pairing Hemagglutinin of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza a H5N1 Virus with Neuraminidases of The 2009 Pandemic H1N1 and a Seasonal H3N2 2011 Yue, W;  J Bioterr Biodef  HA   antibody WB analysis of HA and NA incorporation
 Adaption of seasonal H1N1 influenza virus in mice 2011 L Xu, L Bao, F Li, Q Lv, Y Ma, J Zhou, Y Xu, W Deng… PloS one HA   antibody Receptor-binding assay
Means and methods for producing high affinity antibodies 2011 T Beaumont, MJ Kwakkenbos, H Spits… US 20130331552 A1 HA   protein   
Human monoclonal antibodies derived from human b cells and having neutralizing activity against influenza a viruses 2011 SJ Chang, JM Kim, KS Yi, HJ Lee US 20130004505 A1 HA   protein   
Grafting material for genetic and cell therapy 2011 O Mazda, T Kishida US 20130052170 A1 HA   protein   
Evolution of H5N1 influenza virus through proteotyping of hemagglutinin with high resolution mass spectrometry 2011 Ha, JW;Downard, KM; Analyst HA   protein mass spectrometry-based proteotyping approach (Monitoring the evolution of the H5N1 HA antigen)
From Diatoms to Malaria: Synthesis and Application of Functional Materials 2011 Swartz, JD; Thesis HPRG SEK10836 ELISA kit   
An alternative view of the proposed alternative activities of hemopexin 2011 Mauk, MR;Smith, A;Mauk, AG; Protein Sci. HPX   protein   
The NLRP3 inflammasome contributes to brain injury in pneumococcal meningitis and is activated through ATP-dependent lysosomal cathepsin B release 2011 T Hoegen, N Tremel, M Klein, B Angele… J Immunol IL18BP   protein the evaluation of the role of IL-1 family cytokines in the immunopathogenesis of pneumococcal meningitis
Multiwalled carbon nanotubes induce a fibrogenic response by stimulating reactive oxygen species production, activating NF-κB signaling, and promoting fibroblast-to-myofibroblast transformation 2011 He, X;Young, SH;Schwegler-Berry, D;Chisholm, WP;Fernback, JE;Ma, Q; Chem. Res. Toxicol. IL1B   protein BEAS-2B and WI38-VA13 cells
Trichloroethanol up-regulates matrix metalloproteinase-9 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 in HaCaT cells 2011 Yang, H;Dai, Y;Dong, H;Zang, D;Liu, Q;Duan, H;Niu, Y;Bin, P;Zheng, Y; Toxicol In Vitro MMP9   antibody   
The role of neutral endopeptidase in caerulein-induced acute pancreatitis 2011 Koh, YH;Moochhala, S;Bhatia, M; J. Immunol. NEP 50218-M07H protein animal injection
Effects of rs6234/rs6235 and rs6232/rs6234/rs6235 PCSK1 single-nucleotide polymorphism clusters on proprotein convertase 1/3 biosynthesis and activity 2011 Mbikay, M;Sirois, F;Nkongolo, KK;Basak, A;Chrétien, M; Mol. Genet. Metab. PCSK1 10129-H08H protein   
HEV-Capsid Protein Interacts With Cytochrome P4502C8 and Retinol-Binding Protein 4 2011 Shen, Q;Zhang, W;Kang, Y;Chen, Y;Cui, L;Yang, Z;Hua, X; Hepat Mon RBP4   antibody IP
Method to detect and treat infectious or inflammatory diarrhea based on reg1 2011 WA Petri Jr, K Peterson US 20130130965 A1 Reg1B 11638-H08H protein ELISA
Reg1A 11234-H08H protein ELISA
Reg1A 11234-RP01 antibody ELISA
Intracellular HMGB1 negatively regulates efferocytosis 2011 S Banerjee, A de Freitas, A Friggeri… J Immunol  Src   protein In vitro GST pull down
4-Hexylresorcinol inhibits transglutaminase-2 activity and has synergistic effects along with cisplatin in KB cells 2011 Kim, SG;Jeong, JH;Park, YW;Song, JY;Kim, AS;Choi, JY;Chae, WS; Oncol. Rep. TGM2   protein enzyme
Houttuynia cordata blocks HSV infection through inhibition of NF-κB activation 2011 Chen, X;Wang, Z;Yang, Z;Wang, J;Xu, Y;Tan, RX;Li, E; Antiviral Res. TNFa 10602-HNAE protein cell-based (culture)
Inhibition of K562 leukemia angiogenesis and growth by selective Na+/H+ exchanger inhibitor cariporide through down-regulation of pro-angiogenesis factor VEGF 2011 Gao, W;Chang, G;Wang, J;Jin, W;Wang, L;Lin, Y;Li, H;Ma, L;Li, Q;Pang, T; Leuk. Res. VEGFA   protein   
cIAP1 cooperatively inhibits procaspase-3 activation by the caspase-9 apoptosome 2010 Burke, SP;Smith, L;Smith, JB; J. Biol. Chem. cIAP1 11090-H17E protein   
Differential receptor binding affinities of influenza hemagglutinins on glycan arrays 2010 Liao, HY;Hsu, CH;Wang, SC;Liang, CH;Yen, HY;Su, CY;Chen, CH;Jan, JT;Ren, CT;Chen, CH;Cheng, TJ;Wu, CY;Wong, CH; J. Am. Chem. Soc. HA   antibody Virus Binding Assay Procedure 
Characterization of neuraminidases from the highly pathogenic avian H5N1 and 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza A viruses 2010 Wu, J;Zhang, F;Wang, M;Xu, C;Song, J;Zhou, J;Lin, X;Zhang, Y;Wu, X;Tan, W;Lu, J;Zhao, H;Gao, J;Zhao, P;Lu, J;Wang, Y; PLoS ONE HA   antibody WB for HA detection 
Neuraminidase and hemagglutinin matching patterns of a highly pathogenic avian and two pandemic H1N1 influenza A viruses 2010 Zhang, Y;Lin, X;Wang, G;Zhou, J;Lu, J;Zhao, H;Zhang, F;Wu, J;Xu, C;Du, N;Li, Z;Zhang, Y;Wang, X;Bi, S;Shu, Y;Zhou, H;Tan, W;Wu, X;Chen, Z;Wang, Y; PLoS ONE HA   antibody WB and Immunocellular Staining Analysis of the HA and NA Combinations

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