pCMV3-C-GFPSpark® Physical Map
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pCMV3-C-GFPSpark® Physical Map

Comments for pCMV3-C-GFPSpark®:

  • • CMV promoter: bases 250-837
  • • Enhancer: bases 838-1445
  • • SV40 early promoter: bases 3089-3458
  • • Hygromycin ORF: bases 3476-4501
  • • pUC origin: bases 5144-5817
  • • Kanamycin ORF: bases 5891-6706

Cloning Sites for ORF Inserting

Cloning Sites for ORF Inserting

Expression Vector pCMV3-C-GFPSpark® Information Description

Vector Name pCMV3-C-GFPSpark®
Vector Size 6848bp
Vector Type Mammalian Expression Vector
Expression Method Constitutive, Stable / Transient
Promoter CMV
Antibiotic Resistance Kanamycin
Selection In Mammalian Cells Hygromycin
Protein Tag GFPSpark®

GFPSpark® Tag Information

GFPSpark® is an improved variant of the green fluorescent protein GFP. It possesses bright green fluorescence (excitation/ emission max = 487 / 508 nm) that is visible earlier than fluorescence of other green fluorescent proteins. GFPSpark® is mainly intended for applications where fast appearance of bright fluorescence is crucial. It is specially recommended for cell and organelle labeling and tracking the promoter activity.

Mammalian Expression Vectors

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