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New Office is founded in ShangHai, China.


Sino Biological US Inc. is set up in Wayne, PA, US. Customers in or around the United States can enjoy faster shipping time. If need support, customers can call +1-215-583-7898 directly. For more detailed product or service information, customers can also send emails to


March, 2016 Zika virus-related recombinant proteins and gene products launched.

April, 2016 Deputy mayor Hong Cheng visited Sino Biological and conducted a research.

April, 2016 Guests from Chifeng visited Sino Biological.


February, 2015 Zhu Chen visited Sino Biological and conducted a research.

June, 2015 MERS virus-related recombinant protein, antibodies and genetic products launched officially.

September, 2015 The 1st Young Life Scientists Yizhuang Forum organized by Sino Biological was held in Beijing.

September, 2015 National Distributors Training Session.

October, 2015 Dr. Xie was interviewed by BTV.

November, 2015 Sino Biological sponsored the16th Peking University Biomedical Forum.

Decemer, 2015 All Sino Biological employees attended the annual meeting.


February, 2014 Eight academicians including Yunde Hou, Lanjuan Li, Nanshan Zhong, attended H7N9 seminars.

March, 2014 Research and development center broke ground.

April, 2014 Genentech visited Sino Biological.

May, 2014 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Scientific Research Innovation came to Sino Biological and conducted a research.

June, 2014 Got support from major project "ten antibodies through pilot scale test and strategic reserve GMP production".

June, 2014 Beijing Forestry University visited Sino Biological.

July, 2014 Academician Yigong Shi visited Sino Biological.

August, 2014 National Distributors Training Session.

November, 2014 Tsinghua Procurement Center visited Sino Biological.


November, 2014 Tsinghua Procurement Center visited Sino Biological.

August, 2013 Development Area Inspection and Quarantine Bureau visited Sino Biological and conducted a research.


February, 2012 Sino Biological applied the 5th batch of national innovative pilot enterprise.

March, 2012 Chief (Peijun Ruan), vice chief (Liwei Bao), director of medical instruments and related staffs from Beijing Economic-Technological Development Food and Drug Administration (BFDA) visited Sino Biological.

May, 2012 BDA Alliance of Innovative Technology Service for Biopharmaceutical Industry, LUND University of Sweden and Investment Promotion Bureau of Sweden Skane County attended Innovation and Industrial Cooperation Seminar.

May, 2012 Becton,Dickinson and Company visited Sino Biological and understood relevant products.

June, 2012 Director of Development Area, Boxun Zhang accompanied by Dr. Xie attended BTV interview.

August, 2012 Signed a contract officially with Life Technologies, established distribution partnerships.

August, 2012 "SanZhong" Task Demonstration & Work Mechanism Seminar organized by Sino Biological
October, 2012 Mayor of Benxi, Hongbin Gao visited Sino Biological.

November, 2012 Made budgets about the 12th Five-year Plan National Key Subject of Drug Innovation & Protein and Antibody Research and Development and Technological Innovation Service Platform & Emergency antibody drug development technology platform.

December, 2012 Beijing Patent Office staffs visited Sino Biological and conducted a research.


July, 2011 Merck visited Sino Biological and exchanged ideas.


October, 2010 Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, Qi Liu visited Sino Biological.

October 30th, 2010 Chairman of Sino Biological, Dr. Xie gained Technological Innovation Excellent Staff.