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IL17RA Background

Interleukin-17 receptor (IL-17R), also known as Interleukin-17 receptor A (IL-17RA) and CD217 antigen (CD217), is a cytokine receptor which binds interleukin 17. IL-17R/IL-17RA (CD217) is a proinflammatory cytokine secreted by activated T-lymphocytes. It is a potent inducer of the maturation of CD34-positive hematopoietic precursors into neutrophils. IL-17R/IL-17RA (CD217) is a ubiquitous type I membrane glycoprotein that binds with low affinity to interleukin 17A. Interleukin 17A and its receptor IL-17RA play a pathogenic role in many inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Like other cytokine receptors, this receptor likely has a multimeric structure. Defects in IL-17R/IL-17RA (CD217) are the cause of familial candidiasis type 5 (CANDF5). CANDF5 is a rare disorder with altered immune responses and impaired clearance of fungal infections, selective against Candida. It is characterized by persistent and/or recurrent infections of the skin, nails and mucous membranes caused by organisms of the genus Candida, mainly Candida albicans.

Reference for IL17RA

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IL17RA Protein

IL17RA protein function

Receptor for IL17A (PubMed:17911633, PubMed:9367539). Receptor for IL17F (PubMed:19838198, PubMed:17911633). Binds to IL17A with higher affinity than to IL17F (PubMed:17911633). Binds IL17A and IL17F homodimers as part of a heterodimeric complex with IL17RC (PubMed:16785495). Also binds heterodimers formed by IL17A and IL17F as part of a heterodimeric complex with IL17RC (PubMed:18684971). Receptor for IL17C as part of a heterodimeric complex with IL17RE (PubMed:21993848). Activation of IL17RA leads to induction of expression of inflammatory chemokines and cytokines such as CXCL1, CXCL8/IL8 and IL6 (PubMed:16785495, PubMed:17911633, PubMed:18684971). {ECO:0000269|PubMed:16785495, ECO:0000269|PubMed:17911633, ECO:0000269|PubMed:18684971, ECO:0000269|PubMed:19838198, ECO:0000269|PubMed:21993848, ECO:0000269|PubMed:9367539}.

IL17RA protein expression

Tissue specificity

Widely expressed.

IL17RA protein sequence

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IL17RA Antibody

There are 15 IL17RA antibodies which are validated in multiple tissues with various applications, including WB, ELISA, FCM, Neutralization. There are 2 IL17RA antibody for WB, 8 IL17RA antibody for ELISA, 6 IL17RA antibody for FCM, 1 IL17RA antibody for Neutralization. Among all these IL17RA antibodies, there are 6 anti-IL17RA rabbit polyclonal antibodies , 6 anti-IL17RA mouse monoclonal antibodies , 3 anti-IL17RA rabbit monoclonal antibodies . All the IL17RA anbodies are produced in house and all are in stock. IL17RA antibody customerized service is available.

IL17RA Gene

IL17RA gene / cDNA is a protein-coding gene which located on 22q11.1. The IL17RA gene is conserved in chimpanzee, Rhesus monkey, dog, cow, mouse, rat, chicken, and zebrafish.213 organisms have orthologs with human gene IL17RA.