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All Serpinb6b reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 2 Serpinb6b Antibody, 15 Serpinb6b Gene, 1 Serpinb6b Lysate, 1 Serpinb6b Protein, 1 Serpinb6b qPCR. All Serpinb6b reagents are ready to use.

Serpinb6b Protein (1)

    Serpinb6b Antibody (2)

      Serpinb6b cDNA Clone (15)

      Serpinb6b qPCR Primer (1)

      Serpinb6b Lysate (1)

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        Serpinb6b References

        • Morgenstern KA, et al. (1994) Complementary DNA cloning and kinetic characterization of a novel intracellular serine proteinase inhibitor: mechanism of action with trypsin and factor Xa as model proteinases. Biochemistry. 33(11): 3432-41.
        • Strik MC, et al. (2004) Intracellular serpin SERPINB6 (PI6) is abundantly expressed by human mast cells and forms complexes with beta-tryptase monomers. Blood.103(7): 2710-7.
        • Scott FL, et al. (2007) SerpinB6 is an inhibitor of kallikrein-8 in keratinocytes. J Biochem. 142(4): 435-42.

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