Receptor Antibody Other Species

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Biomarker Antibody Cytokine Antibody
CD Molecule Antibody Cancer Research Antibody
Biological Target Antibody Receptor Antibody
Diagnostic Antibody Interleukin Antibody
Stem Cell Research Antibody Neutralizing Antibody
Receptor Antibody-Western Blot / WB Receptor Antibody-Human Target
Receptor Antibody-ELISA Receptor Antibody-Mouse Target
Receptor Antibody-Immunohistochemistry / IHC Receptor Antibody-Rat Target
Receptor Antibody-Immunoprecipitation / IP Receptor Antibody-Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody
Immunofluorescence / IF Antibody Receptor Antibody-Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
Flow Cytometry / FACS Antibody  

Receptor Antibody-Rat Target

Rat CD16a / FCGR3A Antibody Rat EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Antibody
Rat CD32b / Fc gamma RIIB / FCGR2B Antibody Rat VEGFR2 / Flk-1 / CD309 / KDR Antibody
Rat CNTFR Antibody Rat CD40 Antibody
Rat GFRA1 Antibody Rat IL-17R / IL-17RA (CD217) Antibody
Rat IL-1R1 / CD121a Antibody Rat IL-1R2 / CD121b Antibody
Rat Growth Hormone Receptor / GHR / GHBP Antibody Rat IL2RG / CD132 Antibody
Rat FAS / CD95 / APO-1 / TNFRSF6 Antibody Rat IL13RA2 / CD213A2 Antibody
Rat IL9R / Interleukin 9 receptor Antibody Rat CD93 / C1qR Antibody
Rat CD127 / IL-7RA Antibody Rat CD111 / Nectin-1 / PVRL1 Antibody
Rat FGFR4 / FGF Receptor 4 Antibody Rat LIFR / CD118 Antibody

Receptor Antibody-Mouse Target

Mouse CD132 / IL2RG Antibody Mouse FOLR1 Antibody
Mouse IL13RA1 / CD213A1 Antibody Mouse HER2 / ErbB2 Antibody
Mouse IL18R1 Antibody Mouse IL1R1 / CD121a Antibody
Mouse IL12RB2 Antibody Mouse IL10RB / IL-10RB Antibody
Mouse gp130 / CD130 / IL6ST Antibody Mouse HER3 / ErbB3 Antibody
Mouse GFRA1 Antibody Mouse HER4 / ErbB4 Antibody
Mouse CD200R1 Antibody Mouse IL-1R2 / CD121b Antibody
Mouse IL6RA / CD126 Antibody Mouse EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Antibody
Mouse CD25 / IL2RA Antibody Mouse IL17BR / IL17RB / IL-17 Receptor B Antibody
Mouse KIM-1 / TIM1 / HACVR1 Antibody Mouse IL-4R / CD124 Antibody

Receptor Antibody-Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

Human 2B4 / SLAMF4 / CD244 Antibody Human CSF2RA / GM-CSFR / CD116 Antibody
Human CD155 / PVR Antibody Human CD40 / TNFRSF5 Antibody
Human VEGFR1 / FLT-1 Antibody Human CD21 Antibody
Human CSF1R / MCSF Receptor / CD115 Antibody Human TNFR1 / CD120a / TNFRSF1A Antibody
Human LDLR / LDL Receptor Antibody Human Transferrin Receptor / TFRC / CD71 Antibody
Human EphB4 / HTK Antibody Cynomolgus CD200R / OX2-R Antibody
Human CD16a / FCGR3A Antibody Human CD111 / Nectin-1 / PVRL1 Antibody
Human ALK-6 / BMPR1B Antibody Human XEDAR / EDA2R Antibody
Human Tie1 Antibody Human CD22 Antibody
Human LIFR / CD118 Antibody Rat CNTFR Antibody

Receptor Antibody-Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

Human HER2 / ErbB2 / CD340 Antibody Human CXADR Antibody
Human CD183 Antibody Human CD21 Antibody
Human 2B4 / CD244 Antibody Human CD200R1 / CD200R / OX2R Antibody
Human CD191 Antibody Human FCRL1 / FCRH1 Antibody
Human cd192 Antibody Human RAGE / AGER Antibody
Human ALK-1 / ACVRL1 Antibody Human EphB1 Antibody
Human FAS / CD95 / APO-1 / TNFRSF6 Antibody Human ASGR2 / ASGPR2 Antibody
Human CD16a / FCGR3A Antibody Mouse EphA1 / EPH receptor A1 Antibody
Human BMPR2 / BMPR-II Antibody Rat CD93 / C1qR Antibody
Human CD40 / TNFRSF5 / Bp50 Antibody  


Receptor proteins are located within the cell surface membrane, nucleus membrane or other cellular organelle membrane. They can bind to corresponding ligands to initiate cellular signaling pathways. For cell surface receptors, such as receptor tyrosine kinases, interleukin receptors and receptors of growth factors, they are usually subdivided into three domains, extracellular domain, transmembrane domain and intracellular domain.
Biological research field has also expanded to various other types of animal except human, mice and rats. These other types of animal include dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs and horses etc. Our company also has developed the antibody against important protein target from different species in various research areas, in order to meet the different needs.