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PSG1 (Pregnancy Specific Beta-1-Glycoprotein 1) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 19q13.2. PSG1 is also known as SP1, B1G1, PBG1, CD66f, PSBG1, PSG95, PSGGA, DHFRP2, PSBG-1, PSGIIA, FL-NCA-1/2, PS-beta-C/D and PS-beta-G-1. The human PSG1 gene encodes a 47223 Da protein containing 419 amino acids. The PSG1 protein is restrictedly expressed toward placenta. Among its related pathways are Cell surface interactions at the vascular wall and Response to elevated platelet cytosolic Ca2+. PSG8 is an important paralog of PSG1 gene. PSG1 is associated with some diseases, including Hydatidiform Mole, Recurrent, 1 and Exocervical Carcinoma.

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        PSG1 Background

        Pregnancy-specific glycoproteins (PSGs) are a family of Ig-like proteins secreted by specialized placental cells. The PSG1 structure is composed of a single Ig variable region-like N-terminal domain and three Ig constant region-like domains termed A1, A2, and B2. Members of the human and murine PSG family have been shown to induce anti-inflammatory cytokines from monocytes and macrophages and to stimulate angiogenesis. Two distinct domains of PSG1 are involved in the regulation of TGF-beta1 and provide a mechanistic framework for how PSGs modulate the immunoregulatory environment at the maternal-fetal interface for successful pregnancy outcome.

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