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All PRSS2 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 1 PRSS2 Antibody, 40 PRSS2 Gene, 1 PRSS2 Lysate, 1 PRSS2 Protein, 1 PRSS2 qPCR. All PRSS2 reagents are ready to use.

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        PRSS2 Background

        Trypsin-2, also known as Trypsin II, Anionic trypsinogen, Serine protease 2, PRSS2 and TRY2, is a secreted protein which belongs to the trypsin serine protease family including Trypsin, PRSS1, PRSS2 and PRSS3. It consists of a signal peptide (residues 1-15), a pro region (residues 16-23), and a proteolytically active mature chain (residues 24-247). PRSS2 contains onepeptidase S1 domain. It is secreted into theduodenum,hydrolysing peptides into their smaller building blocks, which is necessary for the uptake of protein in the food. It is secreted by the pancreas in the form of inactivezymogen,trypsinogen and cleaved to its active form in the small intestine when the pancreas is stimulated bycholecystokinin through the common activation mechanism.

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