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      PMP2 Background

      Myelin P2 protein, also known as PMP2, is a cytosolic protein found primarily in peripheral nerves. It Belongs to thecalycin superfamily.Fatty-acid binding protein (FABP) family. PMP2 is a small, basic, and cytoplasmic lipid binding protein of peripheral myelin. It is similar in amino acid sequence and tertiary structure to fatty acid binding proteins found in the liver, adipocytes, and intestine, its expression is limited to the nervous system. PMP2 is detected only in myelin-producing cells of the central and peripheral nervous systems, the oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells, respectively. PMP2 may play a role in lipid transport protein in Schwann cells. It forms a beta-barrel structure that accommodates hydrophobic ligands in its interior.

      PMP2 References

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