Lentiviral Control Plasmids

Lentiviral Control Plasmids reagent list

Use the control vectors to co-transfect along with lentivirus packaging systems to make a recombinant control lentivirus.

Description Catalog Number Vector Sequence
GFP Lentivirus Control Plasmids LVCV-01 Download
OFP Lentivirus Control Plasmids LVCV-02 Download

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GFP Lentivirus Production and Transduction

1. The GFP lentivirus control plamid and packaging vectors co-transfect into 293T cell.

2. Harvest lentiviral supernatant 36-72 hours after transfection.

3. Infected the 293FT cells with lentiviral supernatant to measurement of lentivirus titer.

4. Harvest the cells and perform qRT-PCR and flow cytometry to test lentivial virus titer.

Validation of Lentivial Control Plasmids

  • 293FT (MOI=1) MCF7 (MOI=5) HepG2 (MOI=20) HT1080 (MOI=6) MC38 (MOI=150)
    慢病毒颗粒按照不同MOI 侵染不同细胞 慢病毒颗粒按照不同MOI 侵染不同细胞 慢病毒颗粒按照不同MOI 侵染不同细胞 慢病毒颗粒按照不同MOI 侵染不同细胞 慢病毒颗粒按照不同MOI 侵染不同细胞
    GFPSpark® lentivirus particles were transduced in different cells at different MOI. Fluorescent images were taken 72 hrs post transduction.