Immunoprecipitation (IP) Technology Center

Immunoprecipitation / IP is the small-scale affinity purification of antigens using a specific antibody and is one of the most widely used methods for antigen purification and detection.

This approach enables researchers to:

1. identify the activation status of proteins
2. determine post-translational protein modifications
3. measure the molecular weight of a given protein
4. capture protein-binding molecules in the study of protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions

The advantagement of Immunoprecipitation / IP as follow


• Eliminates repeated centrifugation steps required with conventional beads
• Magnetizes in only 3-5 seconds

2. Easier

• magnetic separators with strong, removable magnets
• Process samples without removing vials from separators
• Sample magnetizes to the side of the tube wall for easier pipetting

3. More Affordable

• Save on antibody usage and costs
• Ensure proper antibody orientation for optimal antigen binding with surface chemistry 
• Consistent lgG binding capacity ensures accurate, reproducible results
• Priced similarly to the leading agarose beads

1. Cell Lysis
2. Pre-Clearing
3. Binding
4. Washing Buffer
5. Elution
6. Detection
7. CHIP Tips In vivo Crosslinking
8. Protein A/G/L Blocking