Immunoprecipitation Secondary Antibodies

Secondary antibody is especially efficient in immunolabeling. In immunolabeling, primary antibody's Fab domain binds to an antigen and exposes its Fc domain to secondary antibody. Then, secondary antibody's Fab domain binds to the primary antibody's Fc domain. Since antibody's Fc domain is constant within the same animal class, only one type of secondary antibody is required to bind to many types of primary antibodies. This reduces the cost by labeling only one type of secondary antibody, rather than labeling various types of primary antibodies.


Secondary antibodies are used in many biochemical assays including:
ELISA, including many HIV tests
Western blot

How to choose an siutable secondary antibody, our advice as follow:

Select from Whole IgG, F(ab')2 Fragments, or Fab Fragments of secondary antibodies.
Select the host species of the primary antibody.
Select the host species of the secondary antibody.
Select the secondary antibody specificity under "Antibody Description".
Select the desired probe.
Find the price, size, and code number of the selected antibody.
Complete product description for ordering purposes