Interleukin Antibody Immunoprecipitation (IP)

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CD Molecule Antibody Cancer Research Antibody
Biological Target Antibody Receptor Antibody
Diagnostic Antibody Interleukin Antibody
Stem Cell Research Antibody Neutralizing Antibody
Interleukin Antibody-Western Blot / WB Interleukin Antibody-Human Target
Interleukin Antibody-ELISA Interleukin Antibody-Mouse Target
Interleukin Antibody-Immunohistochemistry / IHC Interleukin Antibody-Rat Target
Interleukin Antibody-Flow Cytometry / FACS Interleukin Antibody-Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
Interleukin Antibody-Immunofluorescence / IF Immunoprecipitation / IP Antibody

Interleukin Antibody-Immunohistochemistry / IHC

Human IL12A / NKSF1 Antibody Human IL-16 Antibody
Mouse IL3 Antibody Human CNTF Antibody
Mouse IL9 Antibody Mouse IL-1 alpha / IL-1F1 / IL1A Antibody
Mouse IL22 Antibody Mouse gp130 / CD130 / IL6ST Antibody
Human IL-1RA / IL1RN Antibody Mouse IL-36B / IL-1F8 Antibody
Human Leptin / LEP Antibody Rat Interleukin-2 / IL-2 Antibody
Human IL-33 Antibody Rat IL13RA2 / IL13R Antibody
Human IL6 / IL-6 Antibody Rat IL12B / IL-12B Antibody
Human IL20RA / IL-20RA Antibody Cynomolgus IL-1 beta Antibody
Human LIFR / CD118 Antibody  

Interleukin Antibody-Flow Cytometry / FACS

Human IL-1RAcP / IL-1R3 Antibody Mouse CD132 / IL2RG Antibody
Human IL-1RA / IL1RN Antibody Mouse IL-6R / CD126 Antibody
Human IL-33 Antibody Mouse CD25 / IL2RA Antibody
Human IL13RA1 / IL-13RA1 Antibody Mouse IL1R1 Antibody
Human OSMR / IL-31RB Antibody  

Interleukin Antibody-Mouse Target

Mouse IL3 Antibody Mouse IL-25 / IL-17E Antibody
Mouse IL9 Antibody Mouse IL12B / IL-12B Antibody
Mouse IL10 Antibody Mouse Interleukin-2 / IL-2 Antibody
Mouse IL12A Antibody Mouse IL31 Antibody
Mouse IL-18 Antibody Mouse IL36B / IL1F8 Antibody
Mouse IL-1F6 Antibody Mouse IL-4 / IL4 / Interleukin-4 Antibody
Mouse IL-1 beta / IL1B Antibody Mouse IL-27 Antibody
Mouse IL-1 alpha / IL-1F1 / IL1A Antibody Mouse IL16 Antibody
Mouse IL6 / IL-6 Antibody Mouse IL-28B / IFN-lambda-3 Antibody
Mouse IL-21 Antibody Mouse IL23 Antibody

Interleukin Antibody-Other Species

Cynomolgus IL13 / ALRH Antibody Cynomolgus IL18 / Interleukin-18 Antibody
Sus scrofa (Pig) IL-10 Antibody Cynomolgus IL18R1 Antibody
Sus scrofa (Pig) IL-1 beta Antibody Cynomolgus IL18RAP Antibody
Sus scrofa (pig) Sus scrofa (pig) IL6 / IL-6 Antibody Cynomolgus CD25 / IL2RA Antibody
Canine IL-33 Antibody Cynomolgus IL-1R1 / CD121a Antibody
Canine IL-2 Antibody Cynomolgus IL-21R / Il21R Antibody
Canine IL-17RD Antibody  


Interleukins are a type of cytokines that were first seen to be expressed by leukocytes. The term 'interleukin' describe a number of secreted molecules produced by leukocytes, a variety of polypeptides that act specifically as mediators between leucocytes. . Interleukin (IL) has been used to describe a group of cytokines with complex immunomodulatory functions - including cell proliferation, maturation, migration and adhesion.
Immunoprecipitation is a technique in which an antigen is isolated by binding to a specific antibody attached to a sedimentable matrix. An antibody (monoclonal or polyclonal) against a specific protein is pre-immobilized onto an insoluble support, such as agarose or magnetic beads, and then incubated with a cell lysate containing the target protein. During the incubation period, gentle agitation of the lysate allows the target antigen to bind to the immobilized antibody. The immobilized immune complexes are then collected from the lysate, eluted from the support and analyzed based on the nature of the target antigen.


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