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•245+ immune checkpoint proteins •400+ immune checkpoint antibodies •1800+ immune checkpoint genes/cDNA
•30+ immune checkpoint ELISA kits •qPCR Primer/IP Kit/ Cell Lysate  

51 molecules

  • • Covering hot families
  • B7 family
  • TNF family
  • (TNF receptor and TNF ligand)

6 species

  • • Human, Mouse, Canine, Rat, Rhesus, Cynomolgus

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  • Protein: High purity, high bio-activity
  • Antibody: validated applications
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Hot Molecules ( Protein/Antibody/Gene/ELISA Kit )

PD1/PDCD1/CD279 PD-L1/B7-H1/CD274 CTLA-4/CD152 B7-H3/CD276
CEACAM1/CD66a CD80/B7-1 CD86/B7-2 OX40/CD134
CD40 Ligand ICOSLigand/B7-H2 4-1BBL/CD137L B7-DC/PD-L2/CD273
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Featured Products (Proteins & Antibodies)

Proteins with merits

Antibodies: multiple applications

High Purity Validated Activity FCM IHC
PD-L1 (10084-H02H)-SDS-PAGE ICOS Ligand (11559-H08H) to human ICOS PD-L1(50010-R401)-mouse splenocytes PD-L1(10084-R015)-human placenta

Hot Research Family (B7 & TNF)

TNF Family

B7 Family

CD27 protein: (Cat: 10039-H03H) binds to Human CD70 Protein A B
A: B7-H3 antibody (80380-T52)-WB
B: CD80 antibody (10698-T56)--human lung-IHC

Complement System

2000+ research reagents

CD antigens

16,000 research reagents


8000+ research reagents


9000+ research reagents


20000+ research reagents

Fc receptor

1000+ research reagents

Growth factor

3000 research reagents