Immunofluorescence (IF/ICC) Technology Center

Immunofluorescence, also known as fluorescent antibody technology, is a marker of the early development of immune technology. This technique is a technique based on the immunology, biochemistry, and microscopy.

There two immunofluorescence methods: immunofluorescence antibody method that immunofluorescence antibody was used to trace antigen and immunofluorescence antigen method that immunofluorescence antigen was used to trace antibody. The two methods are used in general. This method is used to determine the results of fluorescence microscopy after the reaction of antigen antibody. The method was used to label antibodies or antigens with fluorescein. The commonly used fluorescein include FITC,RB200,TRITC and PE.

Immunofluorescence used in Sino Biological Inc. is a powerful technique that utilizes fluorescent-labeled antibodies to detect specific target antigens. Immunofluorescence uses a single, primary antibody, chemically linked to a fluorophore. The primary antibody recognizes the target antigen and binds to a specific epitope. The attached fluorophore can be detected via fluorescent microscopyThe technique is very sensitive and versatile and finds numerous applications in the fields of immunology, cell morphology, genetics, diagnostics and histopathology.

Immunofluorescence can be used to analyze the expression of protein, glycans and other non-biological molecules. Immunofluorescence can used to detection molecules in tissue and cells. The epifluorescence microscope is the simplest for results reading. The confocal microscope is also widely used.

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