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All H Cadherin reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 1 H Cadherin Antibody, 52 H Cadherin Gene, 1 H Cadherin IP Kit, 5 H Cadherin Lysate, 5 H Cadherin Protein, 2 H Cadherin qPCR. All H Cadherin reagents are ready to use.

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        H Cadherin Background

        CDH13, also known as cadherin-13 and H Cadherin, is a member of the cadherin superfamily. CDH13 acts as a negative regulator of axon growth during neural differentiation. It also protects vascular endothelial cells from apoptosis due to oxidative stress, and is associated with resistance to atherosclerosis. CDH13 is localized to the surface of the cell membrane and is anchored by a GPI moiety, rather than by a transmembrane domain. CDH13 gene is hypermethylated in many types of cancer.

        H Cadherin References

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