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All FTO reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 45 FTO Gene, 2 FTO qPCR. All FTO reagents are ready to use.

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FTO Background

Polymorphisms in the FTO gene are associated with obesity and body mass index in humans and livestock. Fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO) protein is a ferrous ion (Fe2+)/2-oxoglutarate (2-OG)-dependent demethylase preferentially catalyzing m6A sites in RNA. The FTO gene is highly expressed in the hypothalamus with fluctuation in response to various nutritional conditions, which is believed to be involved in the control of whole body metabolism. The fat mass and obesity-related (FTO) gene has a strong relationship with obesity, extreme obesity and inflammatory state, and may also be associated with food intake regulation. SNPs in the first intron of FTO convey effects on adiposity by mechanisms that remain unclear, but appear to include modulation of expression of FTO itself, as well as other genes in cis. FTO expression is lower in fibroblasts and iPSC-derived neurons of individuals segregating for FTO obesity risk alleles. The overexpression of FTO had been demonstrated that in mouse models of MI decreased fibrosis and enhanced angiogenesis.

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