Flow Cytometry (FACS) FITC Labeled Antibody

Human proteins are always the major field in biological research for they are directly related to the human health. The flow cytometry (FCM) application of the antibody products is important for the proteomics research. Sino Biological Inc. has the completely validated antibody products, which are especially for the flow cytometry (FCM) application to human targets. The targets would be updated periodly.

Tips for choosing a fluorescently labeled antibodies for multi-color analysis

• Choose the brightest set of fluorochromes for your instrument.
• Minimize the spectral overlap through choosing the right fluorescent labels.
• Combine the brightest label with the protein which has the lowest level of expression, and vice versa.

Fluorochrome Excitation Peak (nm) Emission Peak (nm) Laser Wavelengths (nm)
FITC 495 520 488