Elite Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies (EliteRmab®)

Compared with classical mouse monoclonal antibodies, rabbit monoclonal antibodies typically have higher affinities and specificities for the antigens they recognize. Through the successful development of a 2nd-generation rabbit monoclonal antibody technology platform, Sino Biological is able to provide high quality antibodies with higher sensitivity and specificity to satisfy your research needs.

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies from Sino Biological are 100% made in-house and more than 80% of our portfolio is generated from immunization utilizing recombinant proteins produced in eukaryotic cells. Hence these antibodies recognize the native version of their prospective target antigens. If your specific antibody is not available in our current stock, custom services as described below are available for the production of rabbit monoclonal antibodies for your research needs.

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production Service

Sino Biological has established a phage-display-based high-throughput rabbit monoclonal antibody development & production technology platform. Rabbit monoclonal antibodies are developed by generating an antibody library to rapidly and accurately obtain antibody genes and their corresponding sequences, which is more suitable for the long-term preservation of high affinity antibodies and the ability to produce them by recombinant technologies.

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed at Sino Biological are validated by multiple types of assays such as ELISA, WB, IHC, FACS, etc., and are tested for efficient binding in a variety of tissues and cell types. This thorough verification strategy allows for the optimization of success rates to yield antibodies conferring low background and high sensitivity characteristics.

Rabbit MAb technology platform

In contrast to typical rabbit hybridoma technology, Sino Biological has built up an effective rabbit monoclonal antibody production platform based on our unparalleled expertise in phage display antibody library technology, including the generation of rabbit antibody libraries and selection of high affinity antigen-specific antibodies by phage display. Our platform has advantages include:
1. Optimized design of antibody gene primers;
2. scFv and Fab libraries with a capacity of more than 108;
3. Multiple selection methods to ensure high affinity antibodies capture;
4. Effective serum-free transient expression system to get stable and highly productive recombinant antibodies.

Antibody affinity is typically presented by the equilibrium dissociation constant (KD)between antibody and antigen, where lower KD suggestes higher affinity. Most mouse monoclonal antibodies have a KD value of 10-9M while the KD of rabbit monoclonal antibody can be as low as 10-11M.

Mouse MAb KD=4.950nM Rabbit MAb KD=0.017nM

Sino Biological rabbit MAbs are highly specific to their antigens and able to recognized unique epitopes, having little cross-reaction with other proteins. Below example shows the IHC result of Sino Biological rabbit MAb wihch has much lower background than rabbit polyclonal antibody and mouse monoclonal antibody from other companies.

Sino biological cD71 rabbit MAb,
placenta tissue IHC
CD71 rabbit polyclonal antibody(Vendor A),
placenta tissue IHC
CD71 mouse MAb(Vendor B),
placenta tissue IHC

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies provided by Sino Biological can be used for multiple applications including ELISA、FCM、IHC-P、WB、ICC/IF and IP.

Sino Biological rabbit Mab assays
A IHC on human stomach tissue
B. ICC on cells
C.FCM on cells
D. WB on cells

Mouse MAbs are not suitable for detection of mouse samples due to cross-reaction and high background from anti-mouse secondary antibodies Using rabbit primary antibodies, you can have a higher sensitivity with mouse antigens without interference from Ig cross-reactivity.

Rabbit MAbs against Human Antigens (part of the list)

Catalog # Species Molecule Application
10084-R015 Human CD274 ELISA, IHC-P
10004-R511 Human ERBB2 ELISA, ELISA(Cap), FCM, lCC/IF, IF
10565-R102 Human CD226 ELISA
10231-R301-P Human LDLR FCM
10259-R110 Human FCGR2B WB, IHC-P, IP
10773-R023 Human ASGR1 ELISA
10004-R002 Human ERBB2 ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF
10001-R021 Human EGFR WB, ELISA, ELISA(Det), ICC/IF, IF, IP
10694-R028 Human EpCAM WB, ELISA, ELISA(Det), IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
13909-R226 Human F8 ELISA
10005-R017 Human PVRL2 ELISA
10377-RD67 Human PDCD1 ELISA, IHC-P
10594-RM03 Human PCSK9 ELISA
10186-R125 Human BSG WB, ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
10136-R111-P Human FLT1 FCM
10390-R024 Human HAVCR2 ELISA, ELISA(Cap)
10390-R108 Human HAVCR2 ELISA
11066-R105 Human VEGFA ELISA
11215-R107 Human LAMP1 WB, ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
11235-R019 Human REG3A ELISA, IHC-P
10973-R111 Human vWF ELISA, ELISA(Det), IHC-P
11050-R412 Human NGF ELISA
11279-R021 Human CTNNB1 ELISA, IHC-P, ICC/IF, IF, IP
13908-R002 Human ASGR2 ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF
10008-R064 Human VEGFA ELlSA, ELISA(Det)
100087-R013 Human FGF2 HC-P
10014-R101 Human FGF2 ELISA
100393-R024-F Human GPC3 FCM
100393-R024-P Human GPC3 FCM
10084-R001 Human CD274 ELISA
10231-R301-F Human LDLR FCM
10289-R102 Human LGALS3 HC-P
10400-R113 Human CD4 EIISA, IHC-P
10417-R006 Human TNFRSF1B ELISA
10980-R081 Human CD8A HC-P
11051-Rn208 Human HAVCR1 ELISA
12078-R001 Human GLA W8, ELISA, IP
10007-R104 Human CSF3 ELISA
10073-R001 Human CD14 IHC-P
10160-R005 Human CFD ELISA
10259-R112 Human FCGR2B ELISA.ELISA(Det)
10327-RM04 Human MMP9 ELISA
10995-R018 Human SerpinG1 WB, ELISA, ELISA(Det), IP
11031-R039 Human CD8B HC-P
11192-R179 Human CD68 HC-P
11996-R351 Human KIT ELISA, IHC-P
12163-R005 Human VSIG4 ELISA, ELISA(Det)
13908-R002-P Human ASGR2 FCM
100128-R001 Human CD79A IHC-P
100129-R101 Human KRT14 WB, IHC-P, IP
100254-R211 Human VIM IHC-P

Rabbit MAbs against Mouse Antigens (part of the list)

Catalog # Species Molecule Application
50134-R001 Mouse CD4 ELISA, IHC-P
50086-R001 Mouse FCGR1 ELISA, IHC-P
50010-R401 Mouse CD274 FCM
50683-R036 Mouse AG02 IHC-P, IP
50010-R485 Mouse CD274 FCM, ICC/IF, IF
50191-R032 Mouse CD38 EUSA, IHC-P
50413-R001-P Mouse F3 FCM
50083-R103 Mouse ASGR1 ELISA
50129-R004 Mouse MSR1 IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF
50389-R208 Mouse CD8A FCM.ICC/IFJF
50067-R014 Mouse TNFSF9 ELISA, FCM, ICC/IF, IF
50083-R114 Mouse ASGR1 IHC-P
50469-R110 Mouse IFNAR1 ICC/IF, IF
50036-R011 Mouse FCGR4 ELISA, IHC-P
50073-R167 Mouse IL18 ELISA, ELISA(Det)
50128-R112-A Mouse TNFRSF1B FCM
50305-R032-P Mouse LDLR FCM
50413-R001 Mouse F3 FCM
50440-R020 Mouse ICAM1 ELISA, ELISA[Cap), IHC-P
50030-R005 Mouse Fcgr2 ELISA
50059-R220 Mouse CSF1R ELISA
50086-R008 Mouse FCGR1 EUSA, IHC-P
50086-R027 Mouse FCGR1 FCM, ICC/IF, IF
50110-R034 Mouse CD27 ELISA
50259-R305 Mouse PVR FCM, ICC/IF, IF
50279-R001 Mouse REN ELISA, IHC-P
50331-R038 Mouse ECM1 ELISA
50396-R034 Mouse GRN ELISA, ELISA(Cap)
50589-R013 Mouse CD34 WB, ELISA, ELISA(Det), IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
51179-R021 Mouse IL36G ELISA
50010-R485-P Mouse CD274 FCM
50061-R015 Mouse IL13Ra2 ELISA
50073-R169 Mouse IL18 ELISA(Cap)
50086-R027-F Mouse FCGR1 FCM
50114-R024 Mouse IL1A ELISA
50155-R277 Mouse CXCL9 ELISA
50256-R066 Mouse PDPN IHC-P
50362-R003 Mouse F9 ELISA
50389-R208-A Mouse CD8A FCM
50389-R208-F Mouse CD8A FCM
50412-R131 Mouse TNFRSF10B ELISA
50468-R076 Mouse CD55 FCM, ICC/IF, IF
50503-R037 Mouse CTLA4 ELISA
50537-R029 Mouse CD2 ELISA, IHC-P
50660-R001 Mouse CA9 IHC-P
50813-R048 Mouse SLC3A2 IHC-P
51091-R112 Mouse EGFR ELISA
50010-R485-A Mouse CD274 FCM
50023-R503 Mouse CD14 FCM, ICC/IF, IF
50087-R011-P Mouse IL2RG FCM
50110-R133 Mouse CD27 ELISA

Rabbit MAbs against Antigens of Other species (part of the list)

Catalog # Species Molecule Application
11055-RM05 Influenza HA WB, EUSA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
11082-R002 Influenza HA ELISA, ELlSA(Cop), FCM, B/N, Microneutralizai-ton(MN), Hemagglutininlnhibition(HI)
86001-RM01 Influenza HA WB, ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
11055-RM10 Influenza HA WB, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
11058-R001 Influenza HA WB, EUSA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
40069-R723 MERS-CoV Spike Microneutralizaiton(MN)
80016-R005-F Rat FCGR1 FCM
80016-R015 Rat FCGR1 ELISA
80076-R007 Rat IL6 ELISA
80079-R187 Rat ERBB2 ELISA
13105-R208 Aequorea victoria GFP WB, ELISA, IP
11680-R112 C.perfringens NA ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
70109-R039 Canine PDCD1 ELISA
70001-R202 Canine HAVCR1 ELISA, IHC-P
10202-R038 CMV gB WB, EUSA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
90001-R002 Cynomolgus TP53 IHC-P, ICC/IF, IF
90014-R046 Cynomolgus FCGR2B ELISA
60004-R071 Ferret MS4A1 ELISA
60001-R073-A Ferret CD8A FCM
60002-R030 Ferret TNF ELISA
40359-R137 H10N8 HA ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
11684-R016 H1N1 HA ELISA(Cap), IHC-P, FCM
11056-R006 H3N2 HA ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
11056-R104 H3N2 HA ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
11056-R014 H3N2 HA ELISA(Cap)
40021-R028 HCoV Spike ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
11233-R011 HIV gp120 WB, ELISA, ELlSA(Det), IHC-P, FCM, lCC/IF, IF, IP
11695-R002 HIV Gag-p24 WB, ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, ICC/IF, IF, IP
11233-R001 HIV gp120 ELISA, ELlSA(Cap), IHC-P, FCM, lCC/IF, IF, IP