Elite ELISA Kits

Why can it be a leading-edge ELISA Kit ?
Every ELISA Kit is tested by 8 international QC standards. Advanced QC technology can ensure high quality with affordable price.

Why 8 QC standards are absolutely necessary ?
To guarantee high quality. No matter in qualitative detection or quantitative detection, imprecise result can be blocked from the beginning.

8 international QC test indicator

  • Recovery

    To evaluate the extent of the ELISA kit results close to actual values.

    A high or low recovery results in false positive or negative result affecting the accuracy of the measured value.

  • Natural sample test

    Make sure ELISA kit can detect natural samples and determine its applicable types of samples.

    If the types of natural sample are not confirmed, a false positive or negative result may be obtained.

  • Cross-reactivity

    To evaluate the specificity of the ELISA kit and determine the binding ability of other molecules to the paired antibodies.

    High cross-reactivity stands for low specificity.

  • Interference

    To determine the effects of other molecules to the interaction of antigens with paired antibodies.

    High interference stands for low accuracy of the measured value.

  • Stability

    To ensure the stability of the ELISA kit for long-term storage.

    Better stability of the ELISA kit means longer storage time.

  • Precision

    To guarantee if similar results can be obtained when the same samples are repeatedly measured.

    Poor precision of the kit will result in poor reproducibility when the same sample is repeatedly measured.

  • The limit of detection

    To determine the sensitivity of the ELISA kit.

    Lower limit of detection stands for higher sensitivity.

  • Linearity

    To assess the accuracy of the ELISA kit.

    High or low results of linear test will produce false positive or negative data.

IL 4 ELISA Kit comparison among different brands

IL 4 target  ELISA Kit from Sino Biological Inc.  A high-end brand  A middle-end brand  A low-end brand 
Standard curve  10.9-700pg/ml   31.2 - 2,000 pg/mL   10.24-400pg/mL  3.12-200ng/ml
The limit of detection   2.5pg/ml   10 pg/mL  2pg/mL 0.78ng/ml
Precision    CV is less than 15% in intra-assay or inter-assay  CV is less than 15% in intra-assay or inter-assay  CV is less than 15% in intra-assay or inter-assay  -- 
Recovery    80-120%  80-120%  80-120%  -- 
Linearity test  80-120%  80-120%  80-120%  -- 
Natural sample test  cell culture supernatant   cell culture supernatant   --  -- 
Cross reactivity  37 targets tested  32 targets tested  7 targets tested  -- 
Interference test  37 targets tested  32 targets tested  7 targets tested  -- 

ELISA Kit of Cytokines


Dendritic cell

NK cell

Naive T cell

Th9 cell Th2 cell T-reg cell Th22 cell
IL-10 (KIT10947A) IL-4 (KIT11846)
IL-10 (KIT10947A)
IL-10 (KIT10947A)
TGF β (KIT10804)
CCL17 (KIT10233)
TNF α (KIT10602)
Th17 cell Th1 cell Tfh cell  
IL-17A (KIT12047)
GM-CSF (KIT10015)
TNF α (KIT10602)
TNF α (KIT10602) IL-10 (KIT10947A)
IL-12 (KITCT011)
IL-4 (KIT11846)

ELISA Kit Promotion List

Target Linearity range(pg/ml) Natural sample test Cat No.
Human CXCL9 / MIG  15.63-1000   Human serum  KIT10888 
Human Fractalkine / CX3CL1  7.82-500   Human milk  KIT10636 
Human GM-CSF/CSF2  7.81-500   Cell culture supernates   KIT10015 
Human IL10/Interleukin-10   18.75-1200 Cell culture supernates   KIT10947 
Human IL-12 (IL12A & IL12B Heterodimer)   39.07-2500   Cell culture supernates   KITCT011 
Human IL13/ALRH  4.69-300   Cell culture supernates   KIT10369 
Human IL17A/IL17  4.6-300    Cell culture supernates   KIT12047 
Human IL32  62.5-4000   Human serum  KIT11064 
Human IL4 / Interleukin-4  7.8-500    Cell culture supernates   KIT11846 
Human MCP-1/CCL2  3.91-250   Human serum  KIT10134 
Human TGFB1 (LAP) / TGF-beta 1  46.9-3000    Human serum  KIT10804 
Human TNF-alpha/TNFA  23.44-1500   Cell culture supernates   KIT10602 
Human TNF-beta  7.82-500   Cell culture supernates   KIT10270 
Mouse IL16  5.17-350   Mouse serum  KIT51303 
Mouse IL17A/IL-17A/IL17 ELISA  23.4-1500  Cell culture supernates   KIT51065 
Mouse IL-18  23.44-1500   Mouse serum  KIT50073 
Mouse IL1A / IL-1A / IL-1F1  6.56-420   Mouse serum  KIT50114 
Influenza H7N9 (A/Anhui/1/2013)  HA   15.6-1000  Recombinant protein  KIT40103 
Influenza H7N9  HA   15.6-1000  Recombinant protein  KIT40104 
Influenza H1N1  HA   18.75-1200  Recombinant protein  KIT11055 
Influenza A H1N1 (A/Puerto Rico/8/1934)  HA  46.88-3000  Recombinant protein  KIT11684 
Influenza H3N2 Hemagglutinin / HA   625-40000  Recombinant protein  KIT11056 
Influenza A H4N6 (A/mallard/Ohio/657/2002)  HA   62.5-4000  Recombinant protein  KIT11714 
Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) p24 / Capsid Protein p24   15.63-1000  Recombinant protein  KIT11695 
Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) gp120  62.5-4000  Recombinant protein  KIT11233 
Human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) (A2) Fusion glycoprotein  93.75-6000  Recombinant protein  KIT11049