Cytokines & Receptors

Cytokines are proteins, peptides or glycoproteins secreted by lymphocytes and monocytes that regulate immune responses, haematopoiesis and lymphocyte development. Cytokines include interleukins, chemokines and other signalling molecules. Each cytokine acts through its own receptor on target cells, and these receptors include members of the immunoglobulin (Ig) superfamily and tumour necrosis factor (TNF).

catalogue Product name species molecule expression host purity
GMP-10015-HNAH Human GM-CSF / CSF2 Protein Human CSF2 HEK293 Cells > 95 %
GMP-10139-HNAE Human IL-1 beta / IL1B Protein Human IL1B E. coli > 95 %
GMP-10360-HNCE Human IL-15 / IL15 / Interleukin 15 Protein Human IL15 E. coli > 95 %
GMP-10395-HNAE Human IL6 / Interleukin-6 Protein Human IL6 E. coli > 95 %
GMP-10584-HNAE Human Interleukin-21 / IL-21 Protein Human IL21 E. coli > 95 %
GMP-10602-HNAE Human TNF-alpha / TNFA Protein Human TNF E. coli > 95 %
GMP-10605-HNAE Human EGF / Epidermal Growth Factor Protein Human EGF E. coli > 95 %
GMP-11725-HNAS Human IFN-gamma / IFNG / γ-IFN Protein Human IFNG CHO Stable Cells > (59.9 + 28.9) %
GMP-11821-HNAE Human IL7 / interleukin 7 Protein Human IL7 E. coli > 95 %
GMP-11846-HNAE Human IL4 / Interleukin-4 Protein Human IL4 E. coli > 95 %
GMP-11846-HNAE-B Human IL4 / Interleukin-4 Protein, Biotinylated Human IL4 E. coli > 93.8 %
GMP-CT011-H08H Human IL-12 (IL12A & IL12B Heterodimer) Protein Human IL12A & IL12B HEK293 Cells > 95 %

High-quality Cytokines & Receptors from Sino Biological

1. Give me the Reasons: Why Cytokines & Receptors from Sino Biological are the Best Choice?

1st: High Quality Details Basis
  • • Low endotoxin
  • • GMP cytokines available
  • • Animal free
  • • Carrier free
  • • High purity
  • • Apply to cell culture
  • • Better bioactivity
  • • Endotoxin <0.01 EU/μg by LAL
  • • 600+ GMP cytokines
  • • Qualified raw materials without animal origins
  • • Dissolved in PBS, No BSA
  • • Purity >95% by SDS-PAGE & HPLC
  • • Apply to cell maintenance, induction & differentiation
  • • 2-5 fold higher bioactivity than other leading brands
  • • ISO9001 certification
  • • Stringent manufacturing processes & quality control system
  • • GMP-level production line
  • • Advanced technology platforms
  • • 100% made in house
2nd: Largest Bank Details Basis
  • • Cover all cytokine families(900 cytokines & receptors)
  • • 17,000+ related reagents
  • • 12+ species
  • • Various research areas
  • • All of the popular targets
  • • 365 Interleukins, 284 Growth Factors, 178 Tumor Necrosis Factors, 105 Chemokines, 67 Interferons...
  • • 1000 Proteins, 1400 Antibodies, 14000 genes, 80 ELISAs...
  • • Human, Rat, Mouse, Cynomolgus, Rhesus, Canine, Ferret ...
  • • Signaling Pathways, Cancer, Drug Targets, Stem Cells ...
  • • VEGF, TNFa, HGF, EGF, IL6, IL21, BMP2, IL17, IL18...
  • • • Experience of developing 6,000+ proteins, 12,000+ antibodies, 28,000+ cDNA clones in-stock, 500+ ELISA kits
  • • Cytokine is all along one of the research & development focuses of Sino Biological
3rd: Superior Services Details Basis
  • • All in stock
  • • Deliver in 24h
  • • Shipping at RT
  • • Order online or offline
  • • Bulk order saves 60%
  • • Ship as lyophilized powder at ambient temperature
  • • Order directly on our website or order from our distributor around you
  • • 2 logistics centers in China and USA
  • • Streamlined online purchasing process
  • • Distributors worldwide

2. Tell me the Truths: What are the Experimental Data and Figures Like?

(1) High purity: the truth of bFGF purity determined by SDS-PAGE & HPLC
Purity >97% determined by SDS-PAGE Purity >97% determined by HPLC
(2) Better bioactivity: the truth of ED50 comparison with other leading brands
(3) Better bioactivity: the truth of head to head comparison with other leading brands
  • a. VEGF165 induced the angiogenesis of HUVE cells in vitro
  • b. NGF induced the axon growth of PC12 cells in vitro
  • c.TGF-β1 & bFGF used in the culture of hESCs
  • d. bFGF used in the culture of hESCs

3. Show me the Evidences: Which References have Quoted Sino Biological Cytokines & Receptors?

(A portion)

Title Year Authors Journal Official name Catalogue Category Application
High-fat diet enhances stemness and tumorigenicity of intestinal progenitors 2016 Beyaz, S;Mana, MD;Roper, J;Kedrin, D;Saadatpour, A;Hong, SJ;Bauer-Rowe, KE;Xifaras, ME;Akkad, A;Arias, E;Pinello, L;Katz, Y;Shinagare, S;Abu-Remaileh, M;Mihaylova, MM;Lamming, DW;Dogum, R;Guo, G;Bell, GW;Selig, M;Nielsen, GP;Gupta, N;Ferrone, CR;Deshpande, V;Yuan, GC;Orkin, SH;Sabatini, DM;Yilmaz, ÖH; Nature RSPO1     cell-based
EBI2 augments Tfh cell fate by promoting interaction with IL-2-quenching dendritic cells 2016 Li, J;Lu, E;Yi, T;Cyster, JG; Nature IL2RA     blocking
Spatiotemporal antagonism in mesenchymal-epithelial signaling in sweat versus hair fate decision 2016 Lu, CP;Polak, L;Keyes, BE;Fuchs, E; Science BMP5   gene template
FGF18   gene template
Evidence for Pro-angiogenic Functions of VEGF-Ax 2016 Xin, H;Zhong, C;Nudleman, E;Ferrara, N; Cell NRP1 10011-H02H protein binding
Platelet-derived growth factor-α receptor is the cellular receptor for human cytomegalovirus gHgLgO trimer. 2016 Kabanova, A;Marcandalli, J;Zhou, T;Bianchi, S;Baxa, U;Tsybovsky, Y;Lilleri, D;Silacci-Fregni, C;Foglierini, M;Fernandez-Rodriguez, BM;Druz, A;Zhang, B;Geiger, R;Pagani, M;Sallusto, F;Kwong, PD;Corti, D;Lanzavecchia, A;Perez, L; Nat Microbiol PDGFRA   antibody Flow cytometry staining
Differential TGF [beta] pathway targeting by miR-122 in humans and mice affects liver cancer metastasis 2016 Yin, S;Fan, Y;Zhang, H;Zhao, Z;Hao, Y;Li, J; NATURE COMMUNICATIONS TGFB1     cell-based
PARP9 and PARP14 cross-regulate macrophage activation via STAT1 ADP-ribosylation 2016 Iwata, H;Goettsch, C;Sharma, A;Ricchiuto, P;Goh, WW;Halu, A;Yamada, I;Yoshida, H;Hara, T;Wei, M;Inoue, N;Fukuda, D;Mojcher, A;Mattson, PC;Barabási, AL;Boothby, M;Aikawa, E;Singh, SA;Aikawa, M; Nat Commun STAT6 13190-H08B protein substrate
STAT2 is an essential adaptor in USP18-mediated suppression of type I interferon signaling 2017 Arimoto, KI;Löchte, S;Stoner, SA;Burkart, C;Zhang, Y;Miyauchi, S;Wilmes, S;Fan, JB;Heinisch, JJ;Li, Z;Yan, M;Pellegrini, S;Colland, F;Piehler, J;Zhang, DE; Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol IFNAR2 10359-MM07-F antibody FAC
Cathepsin S is the major activator of the psoriasis-associated proinflammatory cytokine IL-36γ 2017 Ainscough, JS;Macleod, T;McGonagle, D;Brakefield, R;Baron, JM;Alase, A;Wittmann, M;Stacey, M; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A IL1B 10139-H07E protein substrate
Tumor detection using magnetosome nanoparticles functionalized with a newly screened EGFR/HER2 targeting peptide 2017 Xiang, Z;Yang, X;Xu, J;Lai, W;Wang, Z;Hu, Z;Tian, J; Biomaterials EGFR   protein SPR
EGFR   protein SPR
ERBB2   protein SPR
ERBB3   protein SPR
ERBB4   protein SPR
De-repression of the RAC activator ELMO1 in cancer stem cells drives progression of TGFβ-deficient squamous cell carcinoma from transition zones 2017 McCauley, HA;Chevrier, V;Birnbaum, D;Guasch, G; Elife Smad3   gene expresion

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